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  • Lakeland Colourthin Pencils

    These thin colouring pencils are perfect for detailed colour drawings.• Hexagonal barrel means that the pencils will not roll off the desk• Can be sharpened to a fine point without the core breaking• Pack of 24 versatile colours or a box of 360, 30 each of 12 colours

  • Lakeland Jumbo Colouring Pencils

    Quality colouring pencils ideal for the younger student.• Large hexagonal Jumbo pencil for maximum grip • Long lasting and break resistant • 5.4mm colour strip for easy colour laydown • Pack of 12

  • Lakeland Jumbo Colouring Pencils

    These large hexagonal shaped pencils ensures maximum grip. They are long lasting and break resistant.• Thick soft 5.4mm colour strip for easy colour laydown• 12 assorted colours• Pack of 12 or a Box of 144 - 12 of each colour

  • Lakeland Blendable Colour Pencils

    High quality colouring pencils perfect for the younger artist. • Hardwearing coloured strip • Blendable and easy to use • Assorted colours• Available as a pack of 12 or a box of 360, 30 each of 12 colours

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