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  • K'NEX Maker Set Large

    A huge tub of over 800 parts designed to accommodate multiple students with multiple builds. Ideal for after school clubs, wet play and Maker Space.• Includes a 64 page building guide to support over 100 Building Ideas. • Supplied in reusable storage tub with section dividers2017 catalogue…

  • K'NEX K-8 Set

    A very large general construction set with assembly instructions for 80 models of varying difficulty. Supports up to 12 pupils building simultaneously in teams of two or three. Age: 5 years+.

  • K'NEX Intro to Simple Machines: Gears

    Explore gearing up and gearing down with a fan, and find out how different types of gears are used in everyday objects.

  • Simple Machines Deluxe

    **Please note - This product is currently unavailable until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience**Designed to introduce students to the scientific concepts associated with simple machines- Levers, Pulleys, Wheels & Axles, Planes and Gears. As students build and investigate they are…

  • K'NEX® Forces, Energy and Motion

    **Please note - This product is currently unavailable until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience**The Forces Energy and Motion set has been designed to encourage students to investigate and experiment using a variety of models. The hands on testing allows groups to compare and contrast…

  • K'NEX STEM Discover Control Pack

    STEM concepts come to life as students build and control K'NEX models using the control box. Students will control on-screen K'NEX models using the software included, then control and operate the actual built K'NEX models of fully functioning fairground models; swing ride, gateway, spinning carpet…

  • K'NEX Simple Machines- Bridges

    …Through bridge, Baltimore, Truss and more.• Includes student instructions and detailed teachers guide with key concepts, terms, definitions and lesson plans•Suitable for 3 students • 207 K'NEX pieces per pack• Supplied in reusable storage tub2017 catalogue error: selling price is £30.99

  • K'NEX Maker Set Small

    Perfect starter kit for your Maker Space, after school club or wet play. Contains over 400 Parts with 50 Building Ideas.• Includes a 28 Page Building Ideas booklet • Suitable for 2-6 pupils• Supplied in reusable storage tub

  • K'NEX Intro to Simple Machines: Levers & Pulleys

    Explore the forces at work in a seesaw or a balance, and feel how pulleys make lifting loads easier with this fully supported set.

  • KID K'NEX Group Set

    **Please note - This product is currently unavailable until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience**A good starter set for early years. Big, chunky pieces, including 10 eyes, and two ears/wings (feet are not included with this set) to build at least 8 models. Age: 3 years+.•…

  • K'NEX Renewable Energy Set

    …the power and efficiency that can be realised from wind, solar and water powered machines. Builds 9 models (3 at a time).Contains:• 550 K’NEX pieces• 1 x 1.38 V - 500 mA solar panel• 3 x motors and power cord• 1 x capacitor for energy storage• Building instructions•…

  • K'NEX Robotics Set

    **Please note - This product is currently unavailable until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience** Connect the K’NEX interface to the PC, program and test in real time. When the program is complete it can be downloaded onto the interface for remote running. This kit includes everything…

  • K'NEX Real Bridge Building

    **Please note - This product is currently unavailable until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience**This large set builds replicas of real world bridges. Designed to assist student in their study of the history, function, structural design, geometry and strength of bridges, it helps…

  • KID K'NEX Classroom Bulk Set

    Now even the youngest builder can enjoy the magic of KiD K'NeX! With chunky, large parts, new KiD K'NeX is great for young minds, little hands and big imaginations. Big soft chunky pieces that can be used by children with varying manipulative skills. Models stay together during play but are easily…

  • KID K'NEX Vehicles

    Young children can build 9 models at the same time using the 6 two-sided, full colour building cards. Vibrant colours and eye pieces appeal to both boys and girls. Age: 3 years+.• Supports 8 to 10 children• Packed in a large storage tub with lockable lid• Set includes: eyes, 36…

  • K'Nex Intermediate Maths Set

    …measuring with non-standard units and fractions. Age: 7-10 yearsTeaching applications:• Builds 95 Maths and Geometry models. Includes enough K'Nex parts to support 12-16 students working in teams of 3-4• Four groups of students can build up to twelve identical models simultaneously, or…

  • K'NEX® Renewable Energy Kit

    …models, one at a time. Lesson plans cover Renewable Energy, solar, wind and hydro power. Radiant, mechanical, electric, potential and kinetic Energy. Suitable for 6-12 students. • Total of 550 K’NEX pieces• Includes colour coded building instructions comprehensive teacher guides and lesson plans

  • K'NEX Amusement Park Experience Set

    Much, much more than just a fairground model making set, Amusement Park Experience opens up science and mathematical investigations into speed, distance and time, rotational motion and more. Suitable for 6-8 students.

  • Learn & Go Class Cart

    …from using a switch in a simple circuit to programming a sequence of on/off switch actions to bring pictures to life and movement to the included K'NEX Discover Control models. The Learn & Go software application provides an on-screen demonstration and includes animated on-screen simulations of…

  • KID K'NEX Shapes and Colours

    This is a great set for young children learning all about shapes and colours, using the activity cards to learn about colour mixing, colour matching, building and identifying 2D and 3D shapes, recognising patterns and more! Age: 3 years+.• Supports 2 to 3 children• Comes in a plastic…

  • KID K'NEX Counting and Early Math

    This construction education toy by K'NEX is a perfect support for an early math skills unit. Includes multiple maths-themed models, such as a countapillar, build-a-butterfly, a subtraction flower, and a counting critter. Age: 3 years+.• Supports 2 to 4 children• Comes in a strong plastic…

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