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  • Jumbo Jungle Animals

    Set includes lion, tiger, gorilla, elephant and giraffe. Age: 2 years+.• Largest animal (giraffe) measures 200mm(l) x 375mm(h)• Set of 5

  • Value Animal Play Sets

    These value for money play sets are ideal to stimulate and engage children. Available in 5 different habitats, these sets will allow children to explore using their imagination and connect with their environments. Packaged in a handy clear plastic tub which can also be used for sorting and counting.…

  • Camouflage Den Making Kit

    …fabrics can be used as an exciting basis for a number of different dens. The fabrics are strong and durable and can be used both indoor and outdoors. Age: 3 years+.• 5m lengths• Pack of 4 (jungle camouflage drill, desert camouflage drill, fine weave hessian and open weave jute scrim)

  • Jungle Capes Set

    Set of four polyester jungle animal capes. Age: 3-7 years.

  • Forest Greens Fadeless Display Pack

    Great for nature and jungle themed displays.

  • Crystalites™ & Jungle Gems™ Glazes

    Mayco's crystal glazes, Crystalites™ and Jungle Gems™, are non-toxic gloss glazes that contain glass frit crystals and specks that melt during the firing process. As these crystals "bloom" and spread they produce dramatic, colourful effects. • Non-Toxic

  • my world ABC Jungle Puzzle

    This 30 piece jungle animals floor puzzle is a clever way for children to learn letters and the alphabet. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 685mm x 490mm• 30 pieces

  • Jungle Chalkboards

    Inject colour and fun into the playground whilst stimulating children's imagination, mark making and creative skills whatever the weather! The giant mark making surface enables children to write messages, stories or develop drawing skills.• Made from foamex• Pack of 5• H730 x L815mm

  • Jungle Swing Fixed Agility Climbing Trail

    High quality outdoor agility trail with delivery and installation! Minimum Space: 21.85m x 4.45m. Free Fall Height: only 0.60m Please note the TTS Price is fully inclusive of delivery and installation, no added extras.

  • Jungle Fun Card

    Ideal for mask making, collage work, etc.• Colours: dark green, leaf green, emerald green, tiger orange, panther black, brown, elephant grey and lion yellow• 280 micron • Pack of 50 sheets

  • Schleich Jungle Animal Set

    This set includes: elephant, giraffe, gorilla, lion, tiger and orangutan. Age: 3 years+.• Largest animal (elephant) measures 195mm(w) x 90mm(d) x 123mm(h)• Set of 6 pieces• Contents may vary

  • Jungle Themed Tuff Tray Insert

    This jungle themed tuff tray insert can be used for a range of imaginative and role play activities. Add t-rex, stegosaurus and some bark to create a dinosaur park or use mini trees with lions and elephants to explore safari!

  • Camouflage Material

    These durable fabrics can be utilised in a number of ways including backdrops for displays, outdoor play, den making, creating environments, creative textiles, knowledge of the world and role play.

  • Jumbo Jungle Animals Mum & Babies

    Set of 6 includes: mother and baby elephant, mother and baby gorilla and tiger and tiger cub. Age 2 years+.• Largest animal (mummy elephant) measures 305mm(l) • Set of 6

  • Gears! Gears! Gears!® Moving Monkeys Building Set

    Little monkeys won't be able to keep their hands off this jungle themed building set. Crank-operated set features monkeys that twist and turn, palm trees and enough colourful gears to create a lively gears jungle. Age: 4 years+.

  • The Animal Boogie Storysack®

    Music, song and dance! Swing along with creatures of the Indian jungle as they shake, swing, flap and slither to the sound of the animal boogie! Age: 3 years+.

  • Wild Animal Facts Mural

    Animal facts are fun and informative. Beautifully drawn mural which looks great either indoors or out. Once you know the facts you will be better equipped for that jungle experience!

  • The Animal Boogie Storysack®

    Music, song and dance! Swing along with creatures of the Indian jungle as they shake, swing, flap and slither to the sound of the animal boogie! Age: 3 years+.

  • Toddler Counting and Colours set

    …playfulness in your little one, as well as some magical storytelling. Easy to grip for young children and in a mix of colours to encourage early sorting. Age: 12 months+.• Contains: 12 jungle animals, 12 water loving creatures, 12 familiar farm animals• Average animal size: 60mm(l)• Set of 36

  • Addition Explorer

    Children will love improving their addition skills and understanding with these puzzles that take them from going through the jungle, discovering the wreck of an old Spanish galleon to trekking across the Sahara. The book contains 30 puzzles all in black and white making it ideal for photocopying,…

  • Indoor/Outdoor Folding Den Accessory Kits

    These high quality accessory den kits are the perfect way to transform your den into a magical space. Whether it be a cave, a jungle, a time machine or even an underwater submarine, the indoor/outdoor folding den can be decorated to match any theme.

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