Jumping Sacks

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  • Sports Day Pack

    …complete with a clear crystal box and lid for easy storage.Contains:• 1 x Egg 'n' Spoon race set• 4 x Three legged race straps• 4 x Jump sacks Assorted colours• 1 x Pack of 12 Assorted colour pyramid bean bags• 1 x Pack of 50 Assorted colour marker saucers• 2 x Value…

  • First-Play® Jumping Sacks

    These heavy duty canvas sacks with grab handles are the ideal addition for sports days, developing children's balance and movement skills.• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly

  • First-Play® Team Building Pack

    …help group members to develop their capacity to work effectively together. Consists of five activities - Jumping, Evasion, Movement, Co-ordination and Balance. Contains:• 1 x 3 person jump along• 1 x ball balancer• 1 x 4m caterpillar run mat• 1 x 3 person evasion belt• 1 x…

  • Team Colours PE Packs

    This pack is great for any team based activity. Contains:• 1 x jump sack• 12 x plastic skipping ropes• 6 x 450mm hoops• 6 x Junior plastic playbats• 12 x 90mm coated foam balls• 6 x plastic table tennis bats• 12 x 64mm gamester balls• 6 x rubber quoits•…

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