• Polycarbonate Jugs with lid

    Polycarbonate jug graduated every 25ml (1 fl.oz) with measurements in metric and imperial.• Two capacities available: 750ml (1.3 pints) and 1100ml (2 pints)• Supplied with a white lid• Microwave and dishwasher safe• Sold singly

  • Plastic Measuring Jugs

    Versatile measuring jugs suitable for mixing and measuring in the kitchen.• Heat resistant plastic • Graduated measurements

  • Polycarbonate Graduated Coloured Jugs

    These jugs are graduated every 25ml (1 fl.oz): measurements in metric and imperial. • Two capacities available: 750ml (1.3 pints) and 1100ml (2 pints)• Microwave and dishwasher safe• Lids included• Available in 4 colours and clear• 100% recyclable• Sold singly

  • Polycarbonate Jug

    Polycarbonate frosted clear jug with blue lid. • Capacity: 500ml• Dishwasher safe• Supplied with blue lid• Sold singly

  • Glass Jug

    Excellent value roc-toughened glass jug. • Capacity: 1 litre• Sold singly

  • Fridge Jug with Lid

    Fridge jug that fits in a fridge door with pouring lip for easy use.

  • Sand and Water Tray and Activity Rack

    …allow easy movement, a sturdy lid is provided and the drain plug allows easy cleaning. Combine either tray with a specially designed steel activity frame, item code: 033867 where you can hang buckets, jugs and other water toys from the sturdy frame hooks on the side and the top. Age: 18 months+.

  • Polypropylene Beakers

    Polypropylene measuring jugs with graduations and autoclavable up to 130°C.

  • Harfield Anti-Bacterial Jugs with Lid

    This polycarbonate jug is ideal for serving drinks and hot liquids. Please note that this lid is not water-tight. • Two capacities available: 750ml (1.3 pints) and 1100ml (2 pints)• Supplied with a white lid• Microwave and dishwasher safe• Sold singly

  • Samba Vacuum Jugs

    These vacuum jugs keep drinks hot or cold for hours. The double lip prevents drips and is 100% leak proof.• Capacity: 1 litre / 34 fl.oz. • Quick press closure• Robust polypropylene • Available in two colours• Sold singly

  • Pyrex® Glass Measuring Jugs

    These jugs are very practical due to being heat resistant and dishwasher safe.• Toughened glass • Shock resistant • Dishwasher safe• Heat resistant up to 300°C • Graduated measurements

  • Hard Plastic Measuring Jug

    This jug is made from easy to clean, hard wearing plastic with several measurement options.• Graduated measurements: 100ml-1000ml, 5-35 fl.oz, 1/4-13/4 pints and many more• Capacity: 1 litre

  • Copolyester Jug

    Copolyester jug ideal for serving drinks and hot liquids.• 1100ml (2 pints)• Microwave and dishwasher safe• Colour: Purple sparkle• 100% recyclable• Pack of 12

  • Copolyester Graduated Jugs & Lids

    Copolyester graduated jug ideal for serving hot and cold drinks. Graduated every 250ml with the measurements in metric and imperial.• Microwave and dishwasher safe• Available in 2 colours• Size: 750ml (1.3 pints)• 100% recyclable• Pack of 12• Please note: the lids are…

  • Value Cordless Kettle

    • Capacity: 1.7 litres • Water level gauge• Auto and manual cut-off• Detachable filter for easy cleaning• Safety lock lid• White

  • Bedside Locker Set

    This set will minimise the effort to keep getting up for a drink as the jug can be filled up and reused. Made from hard wearing polycarbonate, this set will not break reducing the risk of injuries.• 1.1L polycarbonate clear jug, tumbler and tray

  • Simply Crockery Range

    Simply is a cost effective tableware range, which offers an outstanding combination of quality and value.

  • Slug In A Jug Game

    Collect the rhyming cards and make a silly sentence. For younger children, play 'find the rhyme' or 'rhyming pairs'. Designed to link with National Curriculum English Key Stage 1. Age: 5 years+.• 2-4 players

  • Tea Set and Carry Case

    Plastic tea set consisting of 4 cups, saucers and teaspoons, a teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl with lid. Age: 3 years+.

  • Value Table Blender

    An excellent value table blender featuring four speeds and a plastic jug that is printed on both sides for different measurements.

  • Russell Hobbs Blender

    …- one for lighter jobs/softer foods and one for heavier/solid foods. Easily mixes and liquefies foods with an optional pulse function for extra speed and power.• Jug capacity: 1.5 litres • Removable stainless steel blades• Easy to clean• 2 speed plus pulse function• 400W

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