Hundred Tens Ones

  • Base Ten Number Structure Set

    • This smaller version of the above Base Ten Group Set contains 100 Yellow cubes, 10 Green rods, 10 Blue flats and 1 Red block

  • Connecting Base Ten Classroom Set

    Base Ten materials assist students in understanding the relationship between units, tens, hundreds and thousands. The components in this set interlock, making it easy for students to connect the base ten components.Set includes: • 3 blocks• 20 flats• 200 rods• 600 cubes • 1 25-sheet base ten pad•…

  • Base Ten Number Structure Set

    page850 page874 This smaller version of the Base Ten Class Set below contains 100 Yellow cubes, 10 Green rods, 10 Blue flats and 1 Red block.

  • Numicon One To One Starter Apparatus

    …000 Display Frieze 1 x 0 to 1.01 Decimal Number Line 1 x -12 to 12 Number Line 1 x Fraction Number Line Laminate 1 x 10s Number Line LaminateNumicon builds a deep understanding of maths through a multi-sensory approach. This pack contains apparatus for one to one teaching of children aged 9 to 11.

  • Value Place Value set

    …Square Grid Boards with teaching windows•44 x Ten Frames and 144 Counters. Ten Frame measures 140mm x 60mm and Counter s 23mm•12 sets of Base Ten Blocks, for a total of 12 x blue hundreds blocks, 120 x green tens blocks, and 1,200 x yellow ones blocks. The blue hundred block measures 132mm x 132mm.

  • Magnetic Number links 1 - 100

    page909 Calculating one or two digit numbers that when added together cross a 10s boundary can be a tough concept to secure. Revolutionise teaching, modelling and practice with magnetic Number Links. Represent the problem with 10s and 1s. Add all of the 10s on to the magnetic 100s square, followed…

  • Maths Mat 1

    …virtually everything needed for a numeracy lesson.• Aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils• Number line 1 to 20• Place value chart• 1-100 square• 0-99 square• Blank hundred square• Fraction line• Vocabulary• Times table• Addition pairs• Pack of 10

  • Place Value Magic Ruler Class Pack

    …teachers, this pack consists of one large teacher Place Value Magic Ruler and ten small dry wipe pupil versions. The teacher version includes removable place value tabs; units, tens, hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands, millions, tenths, hundredths, thousandths, hundred thousandths and millions…

  • Numicon Firm Foundations One-to-One Apparatus Pack

    page570 page851 page880 The Firm Foundations One to One Apparatus Pack contains apparatus to teach children at ages 3 to 5 and supports the Firm Foundations Teaching Pack.Contains: • 1 x 100 Square Baseboard Firm Foundations • 1 x Feely Bag • 1 x Large Format Table Top Number Line • 80 x Coloured…

  • Numbers Up Tabbed Place Value

    Fun and easy to use flip book with no loose cards. Enables addition or subtraction in hundreds, tens and units in sequence from 1-999 or 999-1, always in correct placement. Also enables correct partitioning.

  • Place Value Fishing

    …units, tens, hundreds and thousands with an option to remove hundreds and/or thousands for children just starting to learn place value. Counters are colour coded – units are blue, tens are red, hundreds are yellow, thousands are green. Counters and work cards have roman numerals on one side and…

  • Laminated Number Cards

    Laminated cards printed 1-100 on one side and plain grid printed on the other.

  • Polyhedra Dice Set

    …storage. It contains the following items:• 10 x 10 sided dice, 0-9• 10 x 10 sided dice, 1-10• 10 x 10 sided tens dice, 10-100• 10 x 10 sided hundreds dice, 100-1,000• 10 x 10 sided thousands dice, 1,000-10,000• 10 x 12 sided dice, 1-12• 10 x 6 sided dice, numbered…

  • Wipe & Write Boards to 100

    Work out, record and write findings, as you work through the Number Smart sets, on these specifically designed whiteboards. With pre-drawn blank lines that can be used to write number sentences or represent thinking on a number line, pupils will be able to rapidly represent and show what they have…

  • Place Value Bingo

    …number positioning as they play. The game is suitable for 7 players (with one as the caller), or more if playing as teams. Can also be played as an individual matching activity to help pupils get to grips with hundred, tens and units. Suitable for year 2 (6 years+) and older children with SEN.•…

  • Numicon Starter Apparatus Kit

    …Strip• 3 x 1-100cm Number Rod Track• 2 x Coloured Counters Pack of 200• 3 x 10 Numicon Ten Shapes• 1 x Number Rods - Large Set• 2 x Baseboard Laminate Pack of 3• 3 x Card 1-100 Number Track• 2 x Feely Bag• 1 x One Million Display Frieze• 1 x 0-1.01 Decimal Number Line• 1 x -12 to 12 Number Line• 1 x…

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 6 Kit

    page815 When children reach the start of Phase 6, they already know most of the common grapheme-phoneme correspondences and can read hundreds of words. The reading is done automatically if the words are very familiar. For less familiar words, decoding can be done quickly with their well-practiced…

  • Smart Chute Understanding Number Value

    …cards.Contains:• 1 x Smart Chute• 14 x Chute Card Sets: Counting to 20; Numbers and Patterns; Odd or Even?; Positioning and Ordering to 100; Ten Frames to 50; Random Frames; Visual Addition (number bonds to 20); Visual Subtraction (number bonds to 20); Rounding; Place Value to 1000; Place…

  • 0-100 Number Beads

    page852 Brightly coloured beads printed on one side only to enable the teacher to hide a number for the child to identify. Develops fine motor skills, maths and sorting and counting abilities. Age: 3 years+.• 101 beads, 10 x 600mm strings• Beads measure 25mm square

  • Euro Coin Set

    Play coins are ideal for teaching the Euro. Set includes 100 plastic Euro coins in mixed denominations.• Mixed coins include: one cents, two cents, five cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, One Euros, Two Euros

  • A4 Recycled Index Dividers

    Quality 100% recycled board.

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