• British Monarchs Timeline

    Covering the monarchy from the time of Offa to the present day, this timeline will help pupils to situate their periods of historical study in relation to the ruler of the day.• Size: 3000mm(w) x 230mm(h)

  • WWII Evacuees' Resource Pack

    An imaginative approach to the study of evacuation of children during World War II. Asking the question 'What was it like for children in the Second World War?', the pack provides opportunities for pupils to role-play, empathise and imagine what the experience of evacuation was like. A teachers'…

  • Historical Enquiry Cards

    Twenty cards to inspire and stimulate historical enquiry, in line with the stated aims of the National Curriculum. The questions focus on artefacts, people, events, evidence and historical periods. They work as starter questions or to guide an entire topic.• Size: A5 - 210mm(w) x 148mm(h)•…

  • Plain Papyrus Paper

    A great cross-curricular resource excellent for history, science, geography, art, literacy and creative writing.

  • Anglo Saxons Pack

    Inject your history lessons with the wow factor with this exciting and beautifully illustrated cross curricular information and display pack. Packed full of amazing posters, fact sheets, work sheets, teachers notes and "ready to go" activities to help you discover the Anglo Saxons. The battles of…

  • History Evidence Poster Set

    Set of posters displaying the different types of evidence used in learning about history, including oral, physical, visual and written evidence.

  • Invaders of the UK Map

    This map provides an overview of the invaders of the United Kingdom, from the Romans to the Normans, enabling pupils to understand the geographical origins of the invading forces that shaped the history of the country.

  • Make a Mayan Mask Set

    A cross curricular class pack full of creativity! Everything you need to make wonderfully colourful 3D Mayan style masks. Perfect for art and history sessions.

  • Dinosaur

    Scale embossed polyester velour fabric with zip front fastening. Licensed by the Natural History Museum. Age: 3-5 years.

  • Creative History - The Victorians Photopack and Book

    A pack of images plus a comprehensive teachers' book featuring creative activities to bring the Victorian period to life. Developed in Association with Bigfoot Arts Development, the pack provides practical activity plans centred around drama, role play, tableaux, hot-seating and many other ideas.

  • Timeline 3500BC-AD2000

    This frieze is an ideal overview of historical events between 3500BC and AD2000, and shows how the events relate to each other.• Spread across four strips• Size: 4000mm(w) x 170mm(h)

  • Tudors & Stuarts Timeline

    This timeline from 1470 to 1710 shows the accession dates of Tudor and Stuart monarchs against the backdrop of social and scientific developments of the period. • Size: 3000mm(w) x 230mm(h) (supplied in 3 sections)• Includes teachers' notes

  • Shang Dynasty Civilizations Poster

    This attractive poster gives background information about the history and achievements of the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. It features photos of artefacts, images of significant people and keywords to support a study of the period.• Size: A1

  • Romans Artefacts Pack

    A great resource to teach pupils about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain during this period.Includes: • Replica Roman Helmet • 2 x Replica Roman Torcs • 3 x Replica Roman Rings • Roman Spoon • Hadrian Gold Coin • 2 x Information Posters• 4 x A5 Colour…

  • The Blitz Memorabilia Pack

    • Contains: General advice leaflets, ARP booklet, body tag, Air Raid warden's letter, anti gas alarm card, fire precaution leaflet and a selection of trade cards and Blitz images

  • British History Timeline

    An overview of the major events in British history from the Stone Age to the current day, this timeline features images and photographs to help your pupils understand the chronology behind the study of history. Events such as the Roman invasion, the signing of the Magna Carta and the Dissolution of…

  • Inflatable Labelling Globe

    Customise this write and wipe globe to enrich geography, history and social studies lessons. With no printed words, this is ideal for assessments to locate and label continents, countries and oceans. Age: 5 years+.

  • Women's War Memorabilia Pack

    • Contains: Life in the WRNS booklet, Home Companion magazine, hand written letter, personal ephemera, Land Army flyer, wartime recipes, A Womans Place pamphlet, WAAF leaflet and various images

  • WWII Time Line

    3-piece timeline showing the major events of World War II, using a combination of photographs and illustrations. Supplied with notes giving details of the photos and the development of the war, along with comprehensive ideas for teaching activities. • Size: 3000mm(w) x 230mm(h)

  • BrainBox British History

    BrainBox British History takes a look back at Britain's most successful and influential people, events and inventions from Stonehenge to Shakespeare to the Industrial Revolution to decimalisation.

  • BrainBox Kings & Queens

    Developed in conjunction with Historic Royal Palaces, BrainBox Kings and Queens recalls the monarchs of England since the Battle of Hastings.• For 1 or more players• Contains 54 cards, timer and die

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