Hand Wash

  • Carex Anti-Bacterial Handwash Sensitive

    Carex Complete, Sensitive anti-bacterial Hand Wash works in seconds to delicately clean, care and protect.

  • Foaming Hand Wash

    An unperfumed, clear foam hand cleaner, ideal for use where high standards of hygiene are required. • Rinses off easily• Contains no fragrance, is odourless and non-tainting, therefore is food safe• Complies with BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13727• Kills 99.9% germs in 30 seconds• 800ml• Sold singly

  • Ecover Lavender & Aloe Vera Hand Wash

    Dermatologically tested, it protects and perfects the skin's pH and natural balance to leave hands feeling clean and smooth.• Gently cleans your hands• Suitable for sensitive skin• Lavender and Aloe Vera fragrance• 6 x 250ml

  • KiddiWash Xtra

    …water hand wash is required. It’s entirely self-contained; just fill it with warm water and the KiddiWash Xtra will keep it warm for several hours. The flat base enables it to be positioned on any stable level surface. The KiddiWash Xtra provides a minimum of 15-twelve second hand washes per…

  • Cutan® Proline Dispenser Cartridge Refills

    Relax Lotion Wash: Fragrant hand wash with pure essential oils of cedarwood and patchouli. Azure Foam Wash: A pleasantly fragranced mild foam soap for general washroom use. Mild Antimicrobial Soap: Kills 99.999% of bacteria making it perfect for areas where good hygiene is essential. For use with…

  • Walking Links

    …is perfect for keeping children together in a neat line when going on class trips or for just walking down the corridor. Each colourful ring is large enough for two children to grasp at once.•Rope length 4.5 metres, holds up to 20 children•The soft cotton filled canvas shapes are for hand wash only

  • Bioguard Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Sanitiser

    Scientifically proven, medical grade protection that cleans hands without the need for water. Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses tested.

  • Mobile Sink Unit

    …dirty hands can leave a trail of disaster from art area to sink, but not if you can take your sink to where it's needed. This neat, compact unit with its hand-operated pump unit and integral 10 litre water supply and waste container, means the mess can be cleaned up on site. Bring the wash room to…

  • Dove Cream Handwash

    Give your hands a healthy moisturised feeling with Dove Cream Wash. It cleanses your hands gently and protects their natural moisture level while you wash.

  • Cutan® Moisturising Cream Refill

    Reconditioning cream to keep skin moist and supple after wash and sanitisation cleaning procedures.

  • Wash Your Hands Please Sign

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Available in 2 sizes• Sold singly

  • TORK® Elevation S1 Premium Hand Soaps

    …to wash their hands frequently. It is a very mild, creamy soap which is dermatologically tested. Non perfumed and free from colour to provide for frequent usage as well as reducing the risk of skin irritation (6 x 1000ml).TORK® Extra Hygiene Liquid Soap: Provides an extra hygienic hand wash

  • GOJO® FMX™ Hand Wash & Dispenser

    GOJO® Mild Foam Hand Wash Fragrance Free: A non-irritating hand wash that is extremely gentle to the skin and contains no fragrance or dyes. Mild enough for high frequency washing (3 x 1200ml).GOJO® Mild Antimicrobial Foam Hand Wash: Cleans hands gently while offering the extra measure of…

  • Outdoor Kitchen, Table and Stools Furniture Offer

    …finest quality phenolic film plywood that has been specially developed for hard-wearing outdoor applications. Kitchen features an oven with 4 hobs, washing machine, sink, tap, 6 plastic turning knobs, and unique Millhouse anti-finger trap hinge. Two stools are supplied with the table. Fully conforms…

  • TENA Wet Wash Gloves

    The new TENA Wet Wash Glove enables a comfortable and convenient cleansing procedure for the individual. The glove is infused with a non-rinse cleansing lotion for a caring full body wash with significant advantages over washing routines with soap and water.• Mildly scented•…

  • Stackable Bed

    These comfortable, stackable nursery beds have an easy clean vinyl coated polyester mesh. PVC sheet suitable for hand washing and air dry only.

  • TORK® Elevation S4 Premium Foam Soap

    TORK® Foam Soap: A luxurious, pleasantly fragranced foaming hand wash which is kind and gentle on the skin (6 x 1000ml).TORK® Foam Soap Dispenser: Suitable for all kinds of washrooms - even in tough and demanding environments. This lockable one litre dispenser is reliable and drip…

  • Value Sleeved Aprons

    Children's play aprons available in different lengths. The polyurethane coated nylon material is splash-proof and protects clothing underneath from splashes and stains. Aprons should be hand washed only and are not suitable for tumble drying.

  • The Consortium Red Sleeved Aprons

    Quality, durable children's play aprons available in different lengths. The polyurethane coated nylon material is splash-proof and protects clothing underneath from splashes and stains. Aprons should be hand washed only and are not suitable for tumble drying.

  • TORK® Extra Mild Foam Soap

    Provides extra care for sensitive skin. TORK® Extra Mild Foam Soap is soft and creamy, and has an extra rich and soothing lather for gentle hand washing. With its mild ingredients and perfume- and colour-free formulation, this soap reduces the risk of skin irritation. • Suitable for TORK® Foam…

  • The Superhero Quartet

    A set of beautifully made superhero puppets, great for stimulating language and creativity. Meet the superheroes as they embark on their adventures. The puppets can also stand up as dolls and have removable capes. Hand wash. Wipe clean.

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