Gymnastics Equipment

  • Niels Larsen Lita Tables

    A more versatile shape is used for this agility table resulting in 5 sides rather than 4. • Available in 4 heights • Linking equipment can be added to all 5 sides at different heights • Easily stackable • Well padded tops for comfort • Top size: 908mm(l) x 291mm (straight…

  • Niels Larsen Five Piece Agiltiy Set

    A 5 piece set of linking equipment and trestles to enhance key gymnastics skills. Contains:

  • Creative Movement Kit

    A specially selected range of equipment which will enhance dance lessons and rhythmic gymnastics. Contains:

  • Niels Larsen Traditional Balance Benches

    …in the bench tops prevent splitting. • Hardwearing non-marking rubber feet• Available with nylon hooks on both or one end, these enable the bench to be attached to other equipment • Size: 340mm(w) x 330mm(h) • Available in 3 lengths: 1.83m, 2.67m and 3.35m • Sold singly

  • Continental Nesting Tables

    Probably the most versatile piece of equipment in any gym or school hall for PE. Designed and developed to provide secure and challenging options for all linking and bridging situations. PVC upholstered top on a strong powder coated steel frame.

  • Niels Larsen Complete Gym Time Pack

    …for both Key Stage 1 and 2 classes, this pack includes a full range of trestle sizes which can be used with or without the plain tops and pads, together with a range of linking equipment and a balance bench. Also includes a CD containing a set of worksheets, suggested layouts and warm up music.

  • Continental Double Linking Pole

    This double pole is useful for linking on both fixed and portable equipment. These steel parallel poles are versatile, lightweight and strong and have double hook protectors with safety locks at both ends.• Length: 2.1m• Sold singly

  • Continental Single Linking Pole

    This pole is useful for linking on both fixed and portable equipment. These steel poles are versatile, lightweight and strong and have double hook protectors with safety locks at both ends.• Length: 2.1m• Sold singly

  • Continental Agility Boxes

    These lacquered timber agility boxes are complete with non-marking rubber feet and carrying handles. Provides an all purpose, useful agility box for a wide variety of activities.• Available in 2 sizes: small and large• Small: 600mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 300mm(h)• Large: 600mm(w) x 600mm(d)…

  • Continental Bridging Ladder

    These steel ladders are ideal for use in both fixed and portable situations. Come with safety locks and rubber protectors at both ends. • Length: 2.1m• Sold singly

  • Niels Larsen Gym Time Pack

    This great value set is ideal for use with Key Stage 1 children. The support pack contains a set of 22 worksheets on CD with detailed assembly instructions, suggested layouts and storage as well as warm-up tracks and an allen key.Contains:• 2 x 450mm trestles• 2 x 760mm trestles• 4 x…

  • Niels Larsen Bar Boxes

    These Bar Boxes are sturdy yet light, with high quality hide tops and built in platforms for additional versatility. • Available with or without wheels• Available in 2 and 3 sections • 3 section box available in 2 sizes• Sold singly

  • Continental Padded Plank

    This steel padded plank is ideal for linking and bridging activities. Comes with rubber hook protectors and safety locks at both ends. Rubber covered feet on one end for using on an incline. • Length: 2.1m• Sold singly

  • Continental Steel Bar Box

    Steel bar box, for vaulting and linking with sloping surfaces such as benches and planks. Upholstered with foam and heavy duty carpet. Supplied with large non-marking rubber feet. Telescopic legs make the bar box adjustable from 0.7m to 1.01m in height. • Sold singly

  • Continental Steel Foldaway Trestle

    These steel trestles are lightweight yet stable providing a positive base for all linking and bridging activities. • Hinged frames for foldable trestles, making storage simple• Available in two heights: 0.9m and 1.8m• Sold singly

  • Continental Steel Stacking Trestle

    A key component to support various pieces of linking and bridging apparatus. Lightweight yet stable, our trestles provide a positive base for all linking and bridging activities. Made from epoxy powder coated steel.• Fixed frame perfect for stacking• Height: 0.9m• Sold singly

  • Continental Storming Stand

    Stable triangular construction enabling linking at 3 different heights. The stands incorporate non-marking rubber feet on all sides.• Available in two sizes• Sold singly

  • Continental Timber Linking Plank with Blocks

    The plank incorporate blocks at both ends to enable the planks to be secured to other apparatus such as climbing frames, nesting tables, trestles etc. for linking and bridging.• Size: 0.2m(w) x 2.1m(l)• Sold singly

  • Niels Larsen Agility Tables

    Niels Larsen agility tables provide a range of options for use with linking and bridging apparatus. Constructed from powder coated steel frames with colour coded upholstered platforms.• Available in 6 heights• Sold singly or in a value set of 4 consisting of 300mm, 460mm, 610mm and 760mm…

  • Gym Time Apparatus

    All of the Gym Time apparatus in the packs are also available to buy individually so you can create your own layouts or add to the packs for more agility options.• Sold singly

  • Continental Nesting Tables Big Deal

    • One of each height

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