Guillotine A1

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  • SuperCut Professional Trimmers

    …back fence for fast, easy repeat cuts• Paper sizes and gridlines printed on base allowing for accurate and easy downsizing cuts• FREE stand and trimmings catcher included with sizes A1, A0, B0 and 2B - saving worktop space and trimming without the mess. Stand: depth 510mm, height 930mm

  • Dahle Premium Trimmers

    The premium range of precision trimmers offer a cutting capacity of between 20 and up to 35 sheets (3.5mm). A key feature of this range is the thicker cross bar, which gives better stability, allowing more paper to be cut in one go. These trimmers provide a smooth, accurate and more precise trimming…

  • Avery® Precision A1, A2, A3 and A4 Trimmers

    …enables accurate repeat cutting• A4, A3 and A2 cuts up to 30 sheets, the A1 cuts up to 20 sheets at a time• Size A4: 420mm(w) x 590mm(d) x 110mm(h)• Size A3: 420mm(w) x 655mm(d) x 110mm(h)• Size A2: 420mm(w) x 835mm(d) x 110mm(h)• Size A1: 420mm(w) x 1090mm(d) x 110mm(h)

  • Razorback™ Heavy Duty Trimmers

    Razorback™ heavy duty trimmers are designed for high volume use. Safe and easy to use, they provide smooth accurate trimming of paper, card, laminating pouches and plastic film.

  • Colourmount Board

    These mounting and display boards are very thick and rigid. The top side is coloured with ivory coloured core. When a sheet is cut (with a mount cutter) at a 45° angle, a contrasting bevelled edge is created.

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