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  • Acrylic Paint

    A good quality water-based acrylic paint, with a creamy consistency that dries to a flexible, opaque, silk finish. These acrylic paints adhere to most surfaces including paper, card, canvas, wood, ceramics, fibreglass and glass, making them ideal for all kinds of art, craft and design work.

  • The Consortium Acrylic Paint

    The Consortium Acrylic paint is a good quality water-based liquid acrylic paint with a creamy consistency that dries to flexible, opaque, silk finish. This liquid acrylic is an excellent all round performer, producing fabulous results and is suitable for students, hobbyists and more experienced…

  • System 3 Daler Rowney Acrylic Paint - 500ml

    Highly pigmented, free flowing range of acrylic colours suitable for all types of art, craft and design. Can be used with medium for screen printing.

  • Daler Rowney Non-Spill Top Acrylic Paints

    Classpack of great value acrylic paints with a clever non-spill cap.• Ideal with students for any art projects - use on canvases and acrylic pads• Black, White, Burnt Sienna, Crimson, Lemon Yellow, Ultra Blue, Yellow Ochre, Cad Red, Coeruleum, Emerald Green, Vermilion and Violet•…

  • Reeves Fluorescent Acrylic Paint

    Reeves Fine Artist Quality Acrylic Colours have a high pigment concentration to give excellent lightfastness and strong vibrant colours.• Set 1 contains: yellow, pink, blue and iridescent white• Set 2 contains: yellow, orange, green and iridescent white• 75ml tubes• Pack of 4

  • The Consortium Acrylic Paint

    …Consortium Acrylic Paint is water based and does not contain any harmful solvents. It can be diluted with water and adheres to all semi-absorbent, grease-free surfaces; canvas, paper, wood, etc. Painting tools (brushes, palette knives) can be cleaned in water before the paint dries,when the paint

  • Metallic and Pearlescent Acrylic Paint

    Good quality water-based liquid acrylic paint with a creamy consistency.• Metallic pack: 2 each of silver, gold and copper• Pearlescent pack: blue, red, pink, yellow, purple and green• 175ml bottles • Pack of 6

  • Chromacryl Essentials Acrylic

    • 500ml bottles

  • System 3 Original Metallic Acrylic Paint

    Set includes:• Colours: Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Rich Gold, Copper and Silver • 6 x 500ml bottles

  • Sennelier Abstract Pop Art Acrylic Paint Set

    This Pop Art set by Sennelier contains some of the most vibrant colours from the range. Ideal to add a bold colour statement to any piece of artwork.• Colours: fluo yellow, fluo orange, fluo pink, fluo blue, fluo green• 120ml pouches• Pack of 5

  • Graduate Acrylic Set

    • Colours: primary yellow, cadmium red, primary red, ultramarine, primary blue, hookers green, yellow ochre, burnt umber, black, white, silver and gold• 22ml tubes• Pack of 12

  • Acrylic Essentials 500ml

    • Assorted classpack of 12 contains: one each of white, black, cool yellow, warm yellow, cool red, warm red, cool blue, warm blue, brown, purple, orange and green• 500ml Bottles

  • System 3 Acrylic Selection Set

    Highly pigmented, free flowing acrylic colours suitable for all types of art, craft and design.• Colours: titanium white, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, ultramarine, sap green, yellow ochre, burnt umber, mars black• 8 x 75ml tubes

  • Marabu-Glas Paint

    …glass paints from Marabu let glass surfaces shine. Produce creative decorations on glasses, glass plates, vases and windows, also on mirrors, ceramic, porcelain or acrylic with high-gloss transparent Marabu-Glas.• Colours: yellow, orange, red, amethyst, dark blue, light green• 50ml…

  • Pearlescent Textile Paint

    A water based acrylic textile paint designed for absolute convenience, no special fabric preparation or fixer required.• For use on natural and man-made fabrics• Designs can be painted directly onto the fabric and when dry, permanently fixed by applying a hot iron to the reverse of the…

  • Montana Gold Spray Paint

    Montana GOLD spray paint is a superior quality, high-covering and quick-drying NC-Acrylic lacquer. Provides artists with the perfect tool for creative work. The specially developed low-pressure system guarantees maximum accuracy to meet the highest requirements while giving professional results!…

  • Art Kraft® Bright Paper

    …variety of uses, e.g. the smooth side is ideal for colouring pens and finger paints, and the rough surface is suitable for watercolours, tempera and acrylics.• Assorted colours: flame red, black, emerald green, light blue, white, orange, violet and canary• Size: 1218mm(w) x 3.6m(l)…

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