• A1 German Posters

    Includes the numbers, my family and the activities and opinions.• Pack of 3

  • Collins School Gem German Dictionary

    Ideal for Key Stage 3 pupils looking for a dictionary that is clear, easy to use and in a handy format for school, home and exams. Age: 11-14 years.• Paperback, 640 pages• Size: 111mm x 76mm

  • Chatter Tracker - Sound Level Meter

    …counter records how many times the noise level has been exceeded• Voice recorder• Sound option button in English, Spanish, French and German• Variable volume control • Mains or battery operated (requires 6 x AA batteries) • Includes 3 removable vinyl stickers• Wall…

  • Start the Day Talking Activity Poster

    …way to introduce simple Modern Foreign Language (MFL). This talking activity poster is ideal to develop listening skills. With the poster you can hear key words and phrases in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and many more. To be used with PENpal talking pen (item code: 013993).

  • German Modern Language Stickers

    • 120 stickers per pack• 12 different designs• Size: 24mm dia

  • BrainBox Let's Learn German

    …children study a card with English and German words on it for ten seconds. After this time the dice is rolled there are two levels of fun. Level one is simply remembering the German words, e.g die tür for door. However in level two the question is completely in German and you might have to say what…

  • Collins Gem German Dictionary

    With Collins Gem German Dictionary your pupils will have one less excuse for leaving their dictionary behind! They include all the latest words in both languages, full GCSE coverage, verb tables and user friendly phrase finder supplement. Age: 14-16 years.

  • Collins Easy Learning German Dictionary

    Up-to-date, easy-reference dictionary with highlighted key GCSE curriculum words and practical, fun supplements covering key vocabulary areas. The entries cover everyday language and key curriculum words are highlighted. Clear and concise language notes provide information on common grammatical…

  • Brainbox Language Games

    In these clever BrainBox games children study a card with English and the foreign language words on it for ten seconds. After this time the dice is rolled and there are then two levels of fun. Level one is simply remembering the foreign language words, however in level two the question is completely…

  • The Battle of Britain Poster

    …Britain and the key aspects involved during this significant event in British History. It has information on the planes used by both the RAF and German Luftwaffe, ground support, radar technology and the defining moments of the battle leading to Winston Churchill’s infamous “We shall fight them on…

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