• Solar Power Educational Kit

    Learn the basics of solar panel electronics with this kit that can be assembled in parallel or series to make many different output panels to power electronics such as a calculator or radio.Contains:• 8 x solar modules• Low-inertia motor• Impeller• Connecting lead and copper…

  • Show-Me Drywipe Map Boards

    Double-sided whiteboards.• Capital/major cities and national borders are marked but not labelled• Includes slim drywipe pens, erasers and teacher guide• Not to scale• Pack of 5

  • Water Cycle Activity Model

    Make it rain in your classroom! Students can duplicate the individual processes of the water cycle (evaporation, condensation and precipitation) with this ingenious model. Accompanying set of ten full colour study prints and transparencies will aid students' understanding of the water cycle and…

  • Aerial Photograph Poster - Our School

    This giant wall poster is a large-scale aerial photograph, approx. 1:2,500 scale, centred on your school. It comes with an Ordnance Survey map at the same scale and covering the same area as the photograph. The poster is encapsulated in clear plastic for durability and will be a perfect record of…

  • OS Map Symbols Poster

    Poster featuring 52 conventional map symbols and simple descriptions from Ordnance Survey's 1:25 000 scale Explorer map series. A superb reference source to display in the classroom and support map-reading skills.• Size: 700mm(w) x 1000mm(h)

  • Quadrat

    A simple but effective scientific method for surveying vegetation or invertebrates in a range of habitats.• Rigid plastic-coated wire• Contains 100 squares• Size: 500mm(w) x 500mm(l)

  • Geographical Features Cards

    A set of 20 photocards depicting a specific geographical feature or landform. On the reverse of the image is a simple step-by-step explanation of how the feature is formed and an annotated sketch.• Size: A5 - 210mm(w) x 148mm(h)• Set of 20

  • Geography Photocards

    This set of photographs will serve many different purposes in the study of geography. The photographs include a wide range of locations and features, and the notes provide lots of suggestions on how to use the photos in the classroom. Looking at photographs can help pupils develop geographical…

  • Collins Mapstart Books

    Mapstart 1 - age: 6-7 years:• Introduction to basic mapwork, perspective of plans and maps• Build children's spatial awareness• Extend understanding and use of vocabulary and graphic concepts• Encourages children to observe features in oblique and vertical photos and maps…

  • Collins Student World Atlas

    The Collins Student Atlas has been specifically designed for students aged 14-16 years, but its well-researched and uncluttered design makes it suitable for all students. Age: 14+.• Features thematic mapping, mapping skills, country-by-country statistics and index to all names on reference…

  • Coastlines Activity Book and Photopack

    This photopack is ideal for work investigating coasts. Photos explore cliffs, arches, stacks and caves, headlands, stony beaches and groynes, coral island with coral reefs, mangroves, sandy and rocky beaches, sand bars and spits.• Size: A4 - 297mm x 210mm• Set of 20 photos• Includes…

  • Discover South America Pack

    …physical geography of this region to those of the United Kingdom.Pack contains: • Topic Setting Display Banner• A1 Simple Map of South America• 10 x A3 South America Deskmats• South America Flags and Facts Cards• 5 x A2 South American Poster Set• Thinking Geography -…

  • Inflatable World Globe - Political

    This inflatable globe is a fun way to learn about the world, use it as a ball to throw around the classroom and ask questions.• Political mapping in clear colours• Size: 400mm(dia.)

  • Gambia Resource Pack

    This fantastic set of African resources will get your study of a contrasting non-European country off to a flying start.• Giant scene-setting backdrop with eyelets for hanging; size: 1200mm x 1000mm• Large Africa Map • African Safari photopack• Fatou Doll with 2 dresses•…

  • Drywipe Weather Chart

    Monitor the weather with this laminated weather chart, allowing you to write on it over and over again using a drywipe marker.• Size: A2 - 450mm(w) x 594mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Show-Me A4 Drywipe Map Boards

    Double-sided portable whiteboard with British Isles map on one side, plain on reverse. • Capital/major cities and national borders marked but not labelled• Size: A4 - 210mm(w) x 297mm(h)• Includes slim drywipe markers, erasers and teachers' guide• Pack of 35

  • Let's Explore the UK - Photopack

    A photopack with 20 photocards featuring maps of the countries of the United Kingdom (including a satellite map, weather map and a map locating the UK within Europe), photographs of the capital cities, a look at landmarks, landscapes and culture. The photographs, along with the accompanying booklet…

  • Anemometer

    This anemometer gives a direct wind speed reading on two clear simple scales, up to Beaufort Scale 9 (approx. 50mph). It can be hand held or fixed permanently.• Includes booklet highlighting the use of weather instruments within the curriculum• Size: 270mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Get Clever with a Globe Resource Pack

    …to help students to interpret the geographical information found on a globe. With suggestions to help understand the similarities and differences between maps and globes, and ideas for using inflatable globes, this resource will enliven every geography lesson.Size: A4 - 210mm(w) x 297mm(h)

  • Magnetic Compass with Magnifier

    Magnetic compass with metric and imperial scales, large magnifying area and arrow with luminous point. • 46mm compass head• 1;25,000 metric scale• 1:63,360 imperial scale• Metric rule• Includes neck cord• Size: 60mm(w) x 115mm(h)

  • Drywipe Map of Europe

    A political map cloth printed on 100% cotton with a plastic coating. The map can be written on with water based markers and wiped clean.• Not to scale• Size: 910mm(w) x 710mm(h)

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