Genee Vision

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  • Genee Vision 50 Portable Visualiser

    The Genee Vision 50 is a highly portable, user-friendly visualiser providing a simple, one cable utility that only uses a USB port for power.

  • Genee Vision 50 UHD Visualiser

    The GV 50 UHD uses a high-quality 8.0 CMOS camera mounted to an arm. With a powerful zoom and focus, visualisers can be used to capture images up to A3 size.• 5 megapixel camera• LED light function• USB 2.0 Connection• Built-in microphone• Digital zoom• Functions: negative/positive, colour, black…

  • Genee Vision 150SD Visualiser

    The Genee Vision 150SD visualiser is a compact and affordable, portable, desktop solution, taking just seconds to set up and crammed with features. The Genee 150SD allows you to drastically cut down your presentation preparation time and capture your media, including 3D objects, for display on your…

  • Genee Vision 4100HD Visualiser

    The Genee Vision 4100HD visualiser uses the latest static image and video recording technology for optimum presentation in high definition. Connect to your LED touchscreen for added clarity with an HDMI cable for high quality visualisation. The 4100HD also has built-in image stabilisation and auto…

  • Genee GV8100HD Visualiser

    The GV8100HD visualiser uses the latest static image and video recording technology for the optimum presentation in high-definition. The freeze, image split and mirror capabilities are a perfect way to compare and contrast subject matter. Simply place items or text under the camera, split the image…

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