• Frog Tone Block

    page534 page1102 Scrape the ridged back with the stick provided to get a great sound.• Natural• Size: 50mm(w) x 120mm(l)• Sold singly

  • Froggy Feeding Fun™

    …the frog's mouth to catch a treat in this unique fine motor skills game. Players roll the dice to determine the number and colour of flies to collect, then manipulate the durable plastic frog to collect them. Also develops counting and colour recognition skills. Age: 3 years+.• 2 frogs• 60…

  • 5 Ducks & 10 Frogs Set

    Perfect for developing early years counting skills, this handy kit contains 5 ducks, 5 numbers and 10 frogs. The frogs, ducks and numbers are magnetic and come complete with a large magnetic scene.• Scene background - 840mm(w) x 300mm(h)

  • Matching and Threading

    Children will enjoy selecting and threading coloured pieces to complete either a house, frog, car or train. An interesting resource for identification and co-ordination skills. Age: 3 years+.

  • Animal Beanbags

    Ideal for throwing and catching, these beanbags can be tossed at targets or used for gross motor games.

  • Junior Weathershield School Signs

    Each 'Welcome' sign features an animal backing board and weatherproof showcase for displaying important information and a fully personalised 'welcome to' sign above.

  • Magnetic Frog Life Cycle

    Make your whiteboard come alive with science! Realistically detailed jumbo magnets bring life cycle demonstration to life. Pieces are wipe-clean for labelling. • Activity Guide included• Largest pieces measure roughly 20mm(l) x 200mm(h)

  • Percussion Unusual Sounds Pack

    page1103 This pack contains enough instruments for 10 people.Contains:• Clatterpillar• Ocean drum• Kazoos• Thunder shaker• Maracas• Frog block• Beaded Afuche de Coco• Double Agogo bells• Kokoriko

  • Auditory Sensory Tub

    …• 1 x UV groan tubes• 1 x rattan bamboo chimes• 1 x otamatone melody• 2 x egg shakers• 2 x wrist bells• 2 x wooden frogs • 1 x musical five bells• 1 x clatterpillar • 10 x kazoos• 4 x tootflute • 3 x train whistles• 1 x Mini Rainbow Maker…

  • KID K'NEX Organisms and Lifecycles

    …to build exciting creatures which support science, nature and life cycle curricular needs. Age: 3 years+.• Children can build 14 of the 18 possible models at a time including mouse, snake, dragonfly, ant, frog and many more• Set includes 8 two-sided 1:1 building cards• 198 pieces

  • African Percussion Set

    …players, with an African theme.Contains:• Egg shakers• Tulip blocks• Mini monkey drums• Caxixi shakers• Seed shakers• Cabasas• Frog tone block• Coconut hand drum • Crazy shaker• Seed rakatak knocker • Guide to African Music CD• Carry case

  • Global Sounds Pack

    …pack contains a leaflet full of fantastic information about the instruments' individual country of origin and its history. All the instruments shown are supplied in a colourful presentation box. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• Rainstick• Panpipes• Bird whistle• Ocarina• Thai frog

  • Kit for Purpose Parachute Pack

    …everything you need to create some fun games with parachutes.Contains:• 6 x yellow foam balls• 6 x easygrip balls• 4 x First-Play® Soft Touch balls• 12 x perforated balls• 3 x beach balls• 4 x frog beanbags• 4 x turtle beanbags• Parachutes available in 3 sizes

  • Life Cycle Puzzles

    A set of 3 high quality hand-cut wooden layered jigsaws with real life pictures of the life cycles of a duck, frog and butterfly. Each puzzle has 4 layers which show the various stages of the life cycle from the beginnings at the bottom to the mature creature on the top. Age: 3 years+.• Size:…

  • Colour Fun Play Gym

    The little explorers will be delighted when the coloured wooden disks on the sides bang together when being pushed to and fro. A charming little frog hangs on the discovery bar above and a very simple screw mechanism allows for an adjustment in height in a matter of seconds. And there is space to…

  • Life Cycles Science Kit

    …life cycles of mammals, habitat surveys, predators and prey.Contains:• Viewing container• Guide to dispersal of fruits and seeds• Frog lifecycle poster• Petri dishes• Magnifying glasses• Measuring cylinder• Plastic cups• Lollipop sticks• Bug collection…

  • Little Hands 16 Player Set

    …children. Age: 3 years+.Set contains:• 1 x clapper• 1 x guiro/shaker• 1 pair of handle castanets• 4 x egg shakers• 1 pair of frog maracas• 2 hand held sleigh bells• 1 x tambourine• 1 x glockenspiel• 1 x fish tone block• 2 x small tambourine• 1 x…

  • Cubiez

    …made. These delightful characters make great props for storytelling and language development. Age: birth+.Set of 6 includes:• Kingzy the Lion, Hedgzy the Hedgehog, Bugzy the Ladybug, Hoozy the Owl, Frogzy the Frog and Inkzy the Octopus• Machine washable• Size per block: 140mm(w) x 140mm(d)

  • Music Sensory Tub

    …individuals or within a group. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• Apple, banana and orange shakers• Maraquitas• Chilean rainstick• Frog guiro• Cabasa• Wrist, ankle and sleigh bells• Headless tambourine• Egg maracas• Small shakers• Tambour• Triangle•…

  • Phonics Readers Pack

    …learning. What's more, there are fold-out lifting flaps to have fun with too! Age: 3 years+.• Set of 10 includes: Big Pig on a Dig, Fox on a Box, Frog on a Log, Fat Cat on a Mat, Hen's Pens, Ted in a Red Bed, Mouse Moves House, Toad Makes a Road, Sam Sheep Can't Sleep and Shark in the Park• 16…

  • First-Play® Multi-Activity Kit

    …table tennis bats• 4 x 80mm foam balls• 4 x quoits• 4 x mini rackets• 4 x bean bags• 4 x 100mm soft-touch balls• 4 x frog bean bags• 4 x turtle bean bags• 4 x plastic padder bats• 4 x 70mm PVC coated foam balls• 4 x junior hockey sticks• 4 x…

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