• Frog Tone Block

    Scrape the ridged back with the stick provided to get a great sound.• Natural• Size: 50mm(w) x 120mm(l)• Sold singly

  • Froggy Feeding Fun™

    …and colour of flies to collect, then squeeze the frog's mouth to catch them in this unique fine motor skills game. Also develops counting and colour recognition skills. Age: 3 years+.• 2 frogs• 60 foam flies in six colours• Two dice• Activity guide• Frog size: 65mm diameter

  • 5 Ducks & 10 Frogs Set

    Perfect for developing early years counting skills, this handy kit contains 5 ducks, 5 numbers and 10 frogs. The frogs, ducks and numbers are magnetic and come complete with a large magnetic scene.• Scene background - 840mm(w) x 300mm(h)

  • Matching and Threading

    Children will enjoy selecting and threading coloured pieces to complete either a house, frog, car or train. An interesting resource for identification and co-ordination skills. Age: 3 years+.

  • Animal Beanbags

    Ideal for throwing and catching, these beanbags can be tossed at targets or used for gross motor games.

  • Junior Weathershield School Signs

    Each 'Welcome' sign features an animal backing board and weatherproof showcase for displaying important information and a fully personalised 'welcome to' sign above.

  • Magnetic Frog Life Cycle

    Make your whiteboard come alive with science! Realistically detailed jumbo magnets bring life cycle demonstration to life. Pieces are wipe-clean for labelling. • Activity Guide included• Largest pieces measure roughly 20mm(l) x 200mm(h)

  • Percussion Unusual Sounds Pack

    This pack contains enough instruments for 10 people.Contains:• Clatterpillar• Ocean drum• Kazoos• Thunder shaker• Maracas• Frog block• Beaded Afuche de Coco• Double Agogo bells• Kokoriko

  • Auditory Sensory Tub

    …• 1 x UV groan tubes• 1 x rattan bamboo chimes• 1 x otamatone melody• 2 x egg shakers• 2 x wrist bells• 2 x wooden frogs • 1 x musical five bells• 1 x clatterpillar • 10 x kazoos• 4 x tootflute • 3 x train whistles• 1 x Mini Rainbow Maker…

  • KID K'NEX Organisms and Lifecycles

    …to build exciting creatures which support science, nature and life cycle curricular needs. Age: 3 years+.• Children can build 14 of the 18 possible models at a time including mouse, snake, dragonfly, ant, frog and many more• Set includes 8 two-sided 1:1 building cards• 198 pieces

  • Life Cycles Science Kit

    …life cycles of mammals, habitat surveys, predators and prey.Contains:• Viewing container• Guide to dispersal of fruits and seeds• Frog lifecycle poster• Petri dishes• Magnifying glasses• Measuring cylinder• Plastic cups• Lollipop sticks• Bug collection…

  • African Percussion Set

    …players, with an African theme.Contains:• Egg shakers• Tulip blocks• Mini monkey drums• Caxixi shakers• Seed shakers• Cabasas• Frog tone block• Coconut hand drum • Crazy shaker• Seed rakatak knocker • Guide to African Music CD• Carry case

  • Global Sounds Pack

    …pack contains a leaflet full of fantastic information about the instruments' individual country of origin and its history. All the instruments shown are supplied in a colourful presentation box. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• Rainstick• Panpipes• Bird whistle• Ocarina• Thai frog

  • Kit for Purpose Parachute Pack

    …everything you need to create some fun games with parachutes.Contains:• 6 x yellow foam balls• 6 x easygrip balls• 4 x First-Play® Soft Touch balls• 12 x perforated balls• 3 x beach balls• 4 x frog beanbags• 4 x turtle beanbags• Parachutes available in 3 sizes

  • Music Set - 16 Players

    Age: 3 years+.Pack contains:• 1 x clapper• 1 x guiro/shaker• 1 pair of handle castanets• 4 x egg shakers• 1 pair of frog maracas• 2 hand held sleigh bells• 1 x tambourine• 1 x glockenspiel• 1 x fish tone block• 2 x small tambourine• 1 x triangle with beaters• 1 x jingle stick• 1 pair of finger…

  • Life Cycle Puzzles

    A set of 3 high quality hand-cut wooden layered jigsaws with real life pictures of the life cycles of a duck, frog and butterfly. Each puzzle has 4 layers which show the various stages of the life cycle from the beginnings at the bottom to the mature creature on the top. Age: 3 years+.• Size:…

  • Colour Fun Play Gym

    The little explorers will be delighted when the coloured wooden disks on the sides bang together when being pushed to and fro. A charming little frog hangs on the discovery bar above and a very simple screw mechanism allows for an adjustment in height in a matter of seconds. And there is space to…

  • Little Hands 16 Player Set

    …children. Age: 3 years+.Set contains:• 1 x clapper• 1 x guiro/shaker• 1 pair of handle castanets• 4 x egg shakers• 1 pair of frog maracas• 2 hand held sleigh bells• 1 x tambourine• 1 x glockenspiel• 1 x fish tone block• 2 x small tambourine• 1 x…

  • Cubiez

    …made. These delightful characters make great props for storytelling and language development. Age: birth+.Set of 6 includes:• Kingzy the Lion, Hedgzy the Hedgehog, Bugzy the Ladybug, Hoozy the Owl, Frogzy the Frog and Inkzy the Octopus• Machine washable• Size per block: 140mm(w) x 140mm(d)

  • Music Sensory Tub

    …individuals or within a group. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• Apple, banana and orange shakers• Maraquitas• Chilean rainstick• Frog guiro• Cabasa• Wrist, ankle and sleigh bells• Headless tambourine• Egg maracas• Small shakers• Tambour• Triangle•…

  • Phonics Readers Pack

    …learning. What's more, there are fold-out lifting flaps to have fun with too! Age: 3 years+.• Set of 10 includes: Big Pig on a Dig, Fox on a Box, Frog on a Log, Fat Cat on a Mat, Hen's Pens, Ted in a Red Bed, Mouse Moves House, Toad Makes a Road, Sam Sheep Can't Sleep and Shark in the Park• 16…

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