• French Sentence Builder

    This set has been designed to enable pupils to identify parts of speech and to create simple sentences in French. The poster and cards are colour-coded to aid the identification process. Use the poster to sort the cards into the relevant parts of speech; the sentence frame at the bottom of the…

  • French Compilation Stickers

    A collection of French compilation stickers.• Supplied on A5 sheets• Size: 15mm(dia.)• 440 Stickers

  • Curriculum Stickers

    Themed stickers with messages specific to Curriculum subjects; English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Computing, D&T, Art and Design, Music, PE, French and Spanish.

  • Un, deux, trois

    This French resource aims to develop learners’ confidence and proficiency in French and provides teachers with practical and clear lessons that include popular themes, teaching points and key vocabulary. It suggests practical ways to make French oracy and literacy skills accessible, providing a…

  • French School Stamps Stacks

    Four really useful messages in one handy stack. Pre-inked in the colours shown for crisp clear impressions. Not suitable for stamping on skin. Supplied as a handy stamp stack.• Impression size: 34mm x 10mm• Messages: Tres bien; Travail excellent; Bravo; Bon effort

  • Chatter Tracker - Sound Level Meter

    …Digital counter records how many times the noise level has been exceeded• Voice recorder• Sound option button in English, Spanish, French and German• Variable volume control • Mains or battery operated (requires 6 x AA batteries) • Includes 3 removable vinyl stickers•…

  • French Shopping Game

    In this game for 6 players, the aim is to fill your shelves with items that match the images on your shop card, reading the French words as you do so. The winner is the first player to fill all of their shelves. Teachers’ notes provide key phrases and suggestions for ways to extend the language…

  • La Vie Française Photopack

    A selection of laminated photographs showing typical scenes of France and everyday French life throughout the country, featuring images of town and country life, food, geography and Paris.

  • French Activity Pack

    Ideal for pretend play, scene setting and vocabulary skills. This popular language resource includes leaflets, timetables, menus and postcards from France, along with a French flag, a game of boules, euro coins and a beret.• Contents may vary

  • Brainbox Language Games

    In these clever BrainBox games children study a card with English and the foreign language words on it for ten seconds. After this time the dice is rolled and there are then two levels of fun. Level one is simply remembering the foreign language words, however in level two the question is completely…

  • A1 French Posters

    Ideal for classroom walls and school hallways. The large A1 size makes the bright and informative chart highly readable from a distance, complementing every learning environment.• Includes: les nombres, les activites et les opinions et ma famille• Set of 3

  • A3 French Posters Set 1

    A set of 6 appealing glossy A3 posters illustrating basic French vocabulary. Topics: Colours and Shapes, Alphabet, Numbers, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Useful Vocabulary.

  • Vive La France Frieze

    Photographs of France and French life combine with common French vocabulary to create a lively and attractive frieze. Use as the centrepiece of a display, for a permanent French corner, or to brighten up your classroom during a French-themed week.

  • French Speaking Activities

    Wouldn't you love your pupils to have meaningful conversations with each other in French? French Speaking Activities: Fun Ways to Get KS2 Pupils to Talk to Each Other in French contains 60 time-saving photocopiable activities for promoting oral communication at Key Stage 2. Activities range from…

  • A3 French Posters Set 2

    A set of 6 attractive glossy A3 posters illustrating basic French vocabulary. Topics: Weather, Family, Feelings, Leisure Activities, Parts of the Body, the Town. 

  • French Number Bean Bags

    20 bean bags with numerals on one side and French numbers on the reverse. Age: 3 years+.

  • French Motivational Stickers

    These modern language stickers have some great French captions and are suitable for all your students as they have a sense of fun. Une petite recompense parfaite pour vos etudiants. • 12 different designs• Size: 24mm(dia.)• 120 stickers

  • French Today's Chart

    A great wall chart to help teach children the calendar and the seasons that go with it. Age: 3 years+.• Calendar includes 7 days of the week, numbers for dates, months and years • Calendar also shows the 4 seasons and weather types• Made from cotton with hook and loop for attaching…

  • Anatomix Game

    …to be answered to gain, swap or take a body part. Students learn and improve their knowledge of the body in this biology based game, and with 2 different levels, it is perfect for players aged 5+ and 12+. This game is made from recycled materials. All questions are in English, French and Spanish.

  • French Memory Trainer

    Stimulating, challenging and innovative memory trainer game designed to improve children's vocabulary and mental recall of a foreign language. Slide two cards into the Memory Trainer board and lift two covers at a time to try and find the word/phrase to match the picture. The cards can be placed…

  • Collins Very First French Dictionary

    Collins Very First French Dictionary is packed full of fun and useful vocabulary to give you and your child a head start in learning French. Based on the popular Collins First Time French Dictionary, this book is designed to introduce your child to the world of dictionaries in a fun and accessible…

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