• Fishing Games

    …Age: 2 years+.• Net bag included for easy storageSmall:• Fishing rod size: 510mm(l)• Fish size: 10mm(l)• 1-30 fish and 2 rods• 26 a-z lower case alphabet fish and 2 rodsGiant:• Fishing rods size: 720mm(l)• Giant Fish size: 230mm(l)• 1-20 fish and 4 rods• 26 a-z lower case alphabet fish and 4 rods

  • Number Fishing Game

    …game, whilst the other side allows children to practise their addition and subtraction. In both games, all the fish are spread out onto a flat surface. Each child takes a fishing rod and a game board. In turn, each player catches a number which can be used to fill the missing part of a calculation.…

  • CVC Magnetic Fishing Game

    …which has been specifically developed as the most suitable font for children to recognise and is widely used in schools. Age: 3 years+.• The set contains 55 magnetic fish (7cm long), 4 play boards, 4 magnetic fishing rods (28cm long) and an instruction guide• Suitable for up to 4 players

  • Fun Fish Counters

    …these fishy friends. These colourful fish counters are ideal for a variety of early years activities, Fun Fish Counters will help develop early counting, sorting and patterning skills. The attractive friendly designs and realistic detail make these plastic fish ideal for student rewards.• Set…

  • Giant Octoplay

    …but also light. Age: 3 years+.• Individual size: 240mm(dia)• Set of 20 can make models like a man, dinosaur, dog, flower, horse, plane or fish• Set of 40 can construct larger models or two simple models at the same time• Set of 80 can build larger, more complex models or multiple smaller…

  • Magnetic Fishing Set

    …magnetic fishing set and build essential hand/eye co-ordination at the same time! Children use sturdy plastic poles fitted with fun magnetic “hooks” to reel in the colourful fish and the sea creatures are specially weighted to float upright for frustration-free fishing. Includes 4 adjustable fishing

  • Hanging Fish Pack

    Always popular and appealing, this fish display will be welcomed and admired.• Includes instructions• Largest fish: 150mm x 250mm• 30 pre-cut card fish and seaweed shapes

  • Peter The Penguin

    A simple magnetic counting and sorting game for young children. How many blue and red fish has Peter eaten altogether?• Includes 10 red and 10 blue fish

  • Sea and Sky Fabric Pack

    …Ideal as a blank canvas or for draping. Comes with seven additional fabrics to add texture and two mini sequin fabric strips. Create a mermaid or fish for an 'Under the Sea' display. You can also use the fabric packs as a group work display project, encouraging team work, sharing of ideas and the…

  • BIG DEAL Sea Life Bundle

    Save over £50 with this Sea Life Bundle

  • Colourful Bubble Tube Fish

    These fish float to the top of your bubble tube in the stream of bubbles and then gently sink to the bottom. Visually captivating and ideal for tracking. A great accessory for your bubble tube.• Set of 12

  • Felt Fish Classpack

    More fun shapes to make up and decorate. A fundamental way to study "materials and methods" with young children.• Fully illustrated instructions• Size: 160mm x 80mm• Pack of 30

  • Bubble Tubes

    …tube required** These striking bubble tube columns feature colour changing LED lights. Children will be amazed by the high column of bubbles and fish continuously rising from the base, illuminated by an enchanting array of colours. Making it a great addition to any sensory environment. Adult…

  • Fishtank Chalkboards

    • Available in 4 sizes• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use• UV light and weather resistant• Chalk provided

  • Hide-n-Go Fish™

    Toddlers will dip into some early learning fun with this cute sensory and tactile awareness set. Children dip into the bowl and pull out fish-themed characters before snapping them together for an early introduction to sequencing and patterning. Activities develop a variety of key skills including…

  • Fish Stepping Stones

    …Children have great fun as they adjust muscles and balance in order to stay on the fish. Age: 3 years+.• 2 x Large fish measure: 380mm(w) x 220mm(d) x 45mm(h)• 2 x Small fish measure: 340mm(w) x 150mm(d) x 45mm(h)• No inflation required, fish arrive and stay inflated• Max load: 75kg• Set of 4

  • BazZoo® Sea Life Fish

    The fish bean bag features foam filled fins and the tail offers great back and neck support, perfect for reading activities. This large comfortable seat is ideal for children in KS1 & KS2. •Size: 640mm (dia.) x 960mm (h)•Water resistant, wipe clean fabric complies to EN71 for toxicity•Meets UK Fire…

  • Fish 'n' Games

    …and language and literacy skills. Age: 3 years+.• Sea creatures set includes 56 pieces: 4 fishing rods, 8 pieces of bait, 36 assorted marine life creatures and 8 fishing lines• Alphabet set includes 116 pieces: 4 fishing rods, 8 pieces of bait, 96 alphabet letters and 8 fishing lines

  • Jellyfish Tank

    The Jellyfish Tank is an ideal stress reliever and classroom resource. The tank comprises of 7 beautiful jellyfish that are so realistic they fascinate with their movements. The tank has a specifically timed water jet system that let jellyfish twist and turn in a realistic way. The colours can be…

  • Sensory Manipulative Panels

    Brighten up your classroom walls and engage children in practising and improving their fine motor and co-ordination skills. Easy to grip handles allows smooth movement along curved paths. Age: 3 years+.

  • Support Seat Fish

    Younger children can enjoy comfortable back support whilst sat reading, and older children wanting to relax can enjoy neck support while reading lying down. The bean filled walls offer soft stability and the foam filled base offers padding on the floor.• Size: 700mm(w) x 540mm(d) x 250mm(h)

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