• Fairy Non Bio Laundry Liquid

    Fairy Non Bio is dermatologically tested to leave clothes feeling gentle and huggably soft next to sensitive skin.• 4 litres - up to 80 washes

  • Fantasy World Wooden Characters Set

    With a combination of fantastical characters and intriguing objects, this set of 25 wooden characters is guaranteed to inspire. The iconic characters are common to many fairy tales, myths and legends - allowing for endless storytelling possibilities. Age: 3 years+.

  • Fairy Anti-Bacterial Washing-Up Liquid

    Fairy's trusted cleaning power gives brilliantly clean dishes and lasts up to 50% longer.• Anti-bacterial action• Eucalyptus fragrance

  • Fairy Original Washing-Up Liquid

    Long-lasting efficient washing-up solution. Cuts through grease easily from pots, pans, plates, cutlery, etc. • Please note decanting pump (item: 040160) does not fit Fairy 5ltr bottle. See information on back of bottle for Free Pump.

  • Small World under 2's Wooden Structures

    Encourage imagination with these buildings. All around access for all levels meaning it is ideal for group play.

  • Professional Fairy Dishwasher Tablets

    Fairy All in One powers through grease with added glass protection, metal shine, salt action, Fairy cleaning power and rinse aid action. Cleans brilliantly leaving nothing but shine even in short cycles.• Available in original or lemon• 100 tablets

  • Woodland Friends

    Weave amazing stories and create wonderful scenes with this collection of woodland characters. Each of the five elves and five fairies has a wooden body with fabric clothing.

  • Magic Sparkle Cottages

    Create an enchanted garden with these shiny, appealing mini cottages. A lovely abode for elves or fairies. Great for encouraging communication skills. In gold, silver and bronze, faceted with intricate detail. Accessories not included.

  • Fairy Original Washing-Up Liquid

    Long-lasting efficient washing-up solution. Cuts through grease easily from pots, pans, plates, cutlery, etc. • Please note decanting pump (item: 040160) does not fit Fairy 5ltr bottle. See information on back of bottle for Free Pump.

  • Fairy Non Bio Liquitabs

    Fairy Non Bio, the world's softest non-biological laundry detergent, leaves clothes brilliantly clean and feeling gentle next to precious skin.• Dermatologically tested• Awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval by Allergy UK• Enhanced with a softening balm• Up to…

  • Toadstool Small World Cottage

    …with this magical toadstool home for woodland folk. A really enchanting abode. Children will love creating stories as they act out small world scenarios with this delightful dwelling. A two storey home, with lift off lid, and separate mezzanine floor for elves and fairies. Accessories not included.

  • Fairy Toob®

    Flitting about the fantasy world with their shimmering wings, these miniature fairies are hand-painted with vibrant colours and professional sculpting. The active poses and accurate details are ideal for educational projects, dioramas, and imaginative play. Age: 3 years+.• Includes a reusable…

  • Small World Fairy Kit

    Set up a small world fairy garden environment in a tray.

  • Fairy Tale Blocks

    Create your very own version of happily ever after with this fairy tale block set. Made from natural, chemical free recycled rubberwood and finished with non-toxic water based dyes. Plan Toys specialise in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly toys that help with early learning and…

  • Fairy Non Bio Laundry Powder

    Non-biological powder detergent that delivers impeccably clean, brilliantly white soft laundry. Also contains an advanced surfactant system for improved stain removal and easy-to-iron laundry.• Dermatologically tested• Up to 90 washes

  • Fairy Non Bio Tablets

    Fairy Non Bio gives you amazingly clean clothes, soft towels and bedding, all with that gentle feeling of softness next to precious skin. • Dermatologically tested• Up to 84 washes

  • Woodland Village

    Use this great value set to create a magical world for fairies and elves whilst stimulating conversation and collaboration. This set will delight and engage, inspiring language and creativity. Contents may vary. Not to be left outdoors.

  • Fairy Ultra Sensitive Fabric Conditioner

    Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, Fairy fabric softener has been developed with natural essences and a special light fragrance to ensure that you benefit from huggable softness.• 3.8 litres - up to 190 washes

  • Glitter Paint

    …is formulated with a special transparent paint base to enhance every last twinkle of the glitter. Essential for seasonal festivals.• Colours: red, turquoise, green, fairy pink, silver, fairy purple, magenta, gold, fairy krystal, blue• Colours may vary• 300ml bottles• Pack of 10

  • Grass Covered Teeny Tiny Bridge

    Children will love playing on this outdoor grass covered wooden bridge. Chunky and sturdy, a lovely addition to your play area, this product is great for imaginative play. Add it to your fairy garden or role play area during storytelling. Age: 2 years+.• Size: 1550mm(l) x 500mm(w) x 600mm(h)

  • Woven Pods

    Transport your mini houses to different locations and create wonderful stories. Ideal homes for elves and fairies or a lovely cosy space for your pets. Easy to wipe clean. Use indoors and out. Accessories not included.

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