Eye Wash

  • Eyewash Pods

    A 0.9% sterile saline solution ideal for irrigating eyes and general wound washing applications.

  • Sterile Eyewash

    Provides relief for irritation and discomfort to the eye. Also suitable for cleansing wounds before dressing.

  • Eye Pod Station

    This eye pod station is easily recognisable in an emergency and can be fixed to a wall.

  • Eyewash Kit

    This kit features a self supporting workbench, allowing the kit to be opened and worked with on the bracket. The quick release bracket and carrying handle enables kit to be taken to the incident location.

  • BSI Compliant Travel First Aid Kit

    …cleansing wipes, 1 x Pair disposable nitrile gloves, 6 x Safety pins, 1 x Microporous tape, 1 x Air-flo resuscitation face shield, 1 x Emergency foil survival blanket, 1 x Sterile saline eye wash 500ml bottle, 1 x Burn-cool dressing 10cm x 10cm, 1 x Tough-cut scissors 15.5cm, 1 x Mounting bracket

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