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  • Emotions Puppets

    puppets which are excellent for developing communication skills and empathy. Through recognising their emotions, children can understand and handle their reactions more easily. Each puppet expresses a different emotion – joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and no emotion. Age: 3 years+.• Puppet

  • Puppet Buddies

    …for discussion around personal, social and emotional issues, the use of Puppet Buddies will encourage children to respond to others with empathy, respect and sensitivity, build on their sense of identity, their self-esteem and their confidence. Using Puppet Buddies appropriately will also develop…

  • Emotions™ Cushions

    …cushions feature different emotions/feelings/expressions to encourage group discussion. They are wipe clean, soft to the touch and each cushion has emotion faces printed on one side. The children can have fun learning personal, social and health education. Also usable as stepping stones or simply as…

  • Emotions™ Cushions

    Made with a thick foam inner and wipe clean vinyl outer. Each cushion features a picture of a face showing an emotion and has the emotion written on the reverse.

  • Emotions™ Donut Cushions with Trolley

    A multi-functional classroom essential, this set is perfect for teaching PSE Development and also supporting the following key areas of learning and development: Physical Development, Communication & Language and Literacy. Each cushion is printed on both sides; one with a facial expression, the…

  • Listening Progress Pack

    Developing good listening skills gives children the best start to their learning journey. This pack will provide a variety of opportunities for children to practise listening to others and to become attentive to the world around them. Pack contains:• Helping Young Children to Listen book•…

  • Folding Puppet Theatre

    Puppets are a great way to encourage sharing and confidence between children, whilst allowing a strong insight into their development, understanding and emotions. These theatres encourage turn taking, capture imagination and help bring their performance to life.

  • Emotions™ Interactive Carpets

    …carpets will brighten up any classroom or nursery. Made with a high quality pile which is hard-wearing, yet soft textured for comfort. 12 different emotions help children to explore and manage feelings and behaviour. Perfect for promoting PSE Development and supporting the following key areas of the…

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