• Snap Battery Holders

    All of the models featured in the Technology for Fun books are made using cheap and recycled everyday objects, plus various electrical components.

  • Electricity Components Starter Kit

    page942 Kit comprises of:• 10 x 3.5V MES Bulbs• 5 x MES Batten Holders• 5 x 2x AA Battery Holders with leads• 5 x MM10 Model Motors 1.5-3V• 10 x Crocodile Leads• 1 each of Slide Switch DPDT C/Off, Push to Make switch - Red, Low Voltage Tumbler Switch, Press Switch…

  • Side Cutting Pliers

    page939 page994 page1002 Hardened and tempered jaws with induction-hardened cutting edges and moulded plastic handles with slip guards.• Overall length: 160mm• Sold singly

  • Crocodile Leads

    All of the models featured in the Technology for Fun books are made using cheap and recycled everyday objects, plus various electrical components.

  • Snap Battery Connectors

    All of the models featured in the Technology for Fun books are made using cheap and recycled everyday objects, plus various electrical components.

  • MES Bulb Holders

    page941 page1004 • MES fitting • Pack of 10

  • MES Bulbs

    page941 page1004 • Spotlight bulbs with MES cap • Available in 3 voltages and amps• Pack of 50

  • Standard Gearbox

    page940 page1003 Provides high power and low speed and is designed to fit 3-6V motor (item code 055331). The perspex base has holes for screw fixing. The assembly also includes a precision worm and gearwheel, and a 150mm(l) x 4mm dia. output shaft. Motor not included.• Sold singly

  • Bulb Module

    page945 The filament light converts electrical energy into light. It contains a very thin coil of wire called a filament. This unit uses a standard low Voltage miniature MES bulb.• Robust bulb module for use with BrightSparks4kids Electricity Kits• Operating Voltage 1.5 - 6VDC•…

  • Electricity Kit

    …Basic assortment of components suitable for introductory electronics. Kit consists of: • 10 x crocodile leads• 3 x 1.5V cell holders• 5 x DPDT slide switches• 10 x MES lamp holders• 10 x MES bulbs• 1 x 6V buzzer with connecting leads• 1 x 3-6V electric motor

  • Battery Holders - 1 x AA

    page941 page1004 • Takes 1 x AA zinc chloride battery• Colour coded wire leads• To be used with zinc chloride batteries only• Adult supervision required • 150mm long• Pack of 10

  • Primary Electricity Kit

    page939 page942 page1002 This kit comes in a carry box containing over 100 items including motors, bulbs, buzzers, LEDs, batteries, battery holders, a selection of six types of switch, ready-made leads, automatic wire strippers/cutters and electrician's screwdrivers. Includes free photocopiable…

  • Stacker Plugs

    page941 page1004 High quality 4mm in-line stackable plugs, incorporating 4mm socket in the rear. • Available in 2 colours• Pack of 10

  • Electricity Kit Plus

    …circuits with this great value kit, with its simple 'plug and play' design. Each module clearly displays the name of the component and its electrical symbol, making it easy to learn.Contains:• 1 x digital multimeter• 1 x magnetic switch • 1 x variable resistor• 1 x flashing LED• 1 x white…

  • Light Emitting Diodes

    page940 page1003 • Normal steady red light • 5mm • Pack of 100

  • Electrical 0.6mm Copper Wire

    page939 page1002 • Solid copper core• 1mm dia.• 0.6mm bore• Reel of 100m

  • Beginners Electricity Kit

    page944 A great value set of 18 component modules, ideal for group work.Contains:• 5 x battery holders• 5 x bulbs• 2 x buzzers• 2 x motor fans• 2 x toggle switches• 2 x push switches• 2 x crocodile adapter clips• 10 x stacker leads• 1 x teacher guide CD-ROM• Supplied in a sturdy storage box

  • K'NEX Renewable Energy Set

    An outstanding series of STEM investigations for Primary and Secondary school students. Generate electricity to operate the models and compare and contrast the power and efficiency that can be realised from wind, solar and water powered machines. Builds 9 models (3 at a time).

  • Eco Electricity Kit

    page944 Learn basic circuit creation with this eco kit, ideal for pair work.Contains:• 3 x battery holders• 2 x bulbs• 1 x buzzer• 1 x motor fan• 1 x toggle switch• 2 x crocodile adapter clips• 6 x stacker leads• 1 x teacher guide CD-ROM

  • Mitre® Electric Pump

    This super-fast, electric pump is ideal if you have a number of balls to pump up in one go.

  • Magnetic Electricity Components Kit

    Making circuits could not be easier. Using magleads, connections are made by simply putting the end of the lead into the component bases metal connectors. Clear wire is used so that children can see the metal core of the wire that transports the electric current around the circuit.

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