Easy Tear Sellotape

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  • Sellotape® Original Golden Tape

    page121 Britain's no.1 original golden tape.• Strong and extra sticky• Clear when applied• Easy to unwind• Easy to tear - no need for scissors• Anti-tangle for better control• Available in 75mm core, 66m length and widths of 18mm and 24mm• Available in 25mm core,…

  • Scotch Easy Tear Clear Adhesive Tape

    page121 High quality, high performance clear adhesive tape.• Will not yellow, stain or telescope • Easy to tear • Very strong • Excellent adhesive properties• 75mm core, 66 metre rolls in 2 width sizes• Boxed quantity varies depending on roll width

  • Sellotape Double-Sided Tape

    page353 • Versatile tape coated both sides with a strong adhesive• Ideal for display, mounting and exhibition work• Tissues tape is easy to tear by hand for ease of use• "Easy to remove" backing

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