Early Years

  • Block and Tackle Set

    …at how this simple pulley system helps them lift heavy items with ease. It can be hung from the ceiling, a wall bracket or taken outside. Will encourage co-operative skills, mathematical vocabulary, and a real appreciation of the relative weight of anything they should choose to lift. Age: 3 years+.

  • 10 Frame Tray

    This specially designed tray will help children develop an early understanding of counting, addition and subtraction in a highly visual and tactile way. They can explore, learn and practise number bonds to 10. Age: 2 years+.

  • Fishing Games

    …game suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Children hook the fish with their fishing rods. This game helps to improve motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination whilst learning numbers or letters. Great for early maths, literacy and phonic recognition. Perfect for use in sand and water. Age: 2 years+.

  • Early Years Music Frame

    …The frame can be left outside in your music area...just remember to bring the instruments indoors! Instruments may vary.• Suitable for 4 to 11 years• Self-Assembly• Made from metalContains:• 1 x 15cm Tambourine• 1 x 20cm Tambourine• 4 x Wood Wrist Bells• 1 x Music Frame•…

  • Cubetto

    Learning to code in early years learning is fundamental. Cubetto makes it easy for both students and educators with an instant solution that's fun to play and easy to integrate. Cubetto is a cross curricular early learning resource that helps young learners develop coding skills, problem solving,…

  • First-Play Count 'n' Move Pack

    Ideal pack to introduce young children to develop fundamental skills - balance and co-ordination, throwing, catching, rolling, counting and identifying colours and shapes.

  • Honey Bee Number Stones & Activity Cards

    …including recognising the numerals shown on the bees’ backs and relating these to groups of objects, reinforcing the idea of number. They can also be used to explore number sequences, odd and even numbers, along with addition, subtraction and number bonds to 10, and beyond. Age: 3 years+.

  • Whizzy Dizzy

    …which rotates as children pull on the circular central wheel, providing a sense of achievement and fun. Children are always in control of their speed as the Whizzy Dizzy will only spin as fast as they are pulling on the wheel. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 300mm(h) x 550mm(dia.)• Max load: 45kg

  • Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

    A fantastic, durable LCD writing tablet, ideal for writing and drawing activities without the need for pen and paper – a more responsive alternative to writing on an iPad or other tablet device.• Erase your image at the touch of a button• Sealed battery• Ultra-thin and light•…

  • All About Me Family Cards & Counters

    Visually appealing set of double sided activity cards teach patterns and sequences, sorting, grouping, early arithmetic, size recognition and positional awareness. The cards are designed to be used with the All About Me Family Counters™ which are sold separately.

  • Dance and Movement Pack

    A specially selected pack of equipment that will add both visual effects and sound to dance and movement activities.Contains:• 8 pom poms, 6 dance rings, 3 tap sticks (pairs), 6 dance scarves, 6 dance wands, 6 wrist jingle bracelets, 6 ankle jingle bracelets• Drawstring storage bag…

  • Occupation Costumes

    A great selection of occupational fancy dress costumes, perfect for role play. Age: 3-5 years.

  • Aresson Early Years Rounders Set

    Designed to teach very early, simple, fun batting and fielding skills to 3-5 year olds using a batting tee, a paddle bat and large foam ball. Contains enough kit to allow two very simple games to take place simultaneously increasing levels of participation.

  • Plastic Mirrors

    These small, hand-held mirrors enable children to look at everyday objects from unusual perspectives.• Available in flat or convex/concave versions• Single sided mirrors

  • Fairytale Fantasy Den Making Kit

    …environment and let their imagination run wild. Turn this pack of exciting fabrics into anything from a castle or gingerbread house to a magic cave. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Children will love being whisked away into a whole new world. Age: 3 years+.• 3m lengths• Pack of 6

  • Rain Showers Splash -Pond Water

    Little ones can use the large bucket to scoop up water from the pond and pour it into the top tray to make a showering splash below! While the rain shower drizzles back into the pond, they can watch as it activates the maze-like spinners and ramps to create a cascade waterfall. This large kid’s play…

  • Classic World Essentials Set

    Colourful wooden set including vibrant puzzles, stacking cubes and push and pull toys, our complete set will help children to develop their gross motor skills, observation and imagination. Age: 18 months+.Includes:• Push rainbow toy• Pull along crocodile• Shapes puzzle• Animals puzzle• 2 in 1…

  • The Bad Tempered Ladybird Storysack®

    How could we resist producing a storysack for this all time best seller? An excellent way to introduce young children to telling the time and the discussion of moods and feelings. Age: 3 years+.

  • Wooden Magnetic Polydron

    …the all natural magnetic product combining the magic of magnetics with the natural beauty of real wood. Children will be able to lose themselves in the natural world of wood and the magic of magnetics, exploration and creativity. It is a beautiful product with endless possibilities. Age: 3 years+.

  • Glow In The Dark Sensory Bag

    The Glow in the Dark Sensory bag contains many carefully selected items that will enhance any dark area. Charge all the items up in normal light and watch them glow when the lights go out. Contents (may vary):• 1 x Glow in the Dark Ball• 2 x Glow in the Dark Inflatables• 1 x Glow in…

  • Smartmax Magnetic Construction Set

    Build exciting structures and learn about magnetic principles, including a guide showing you different ways of play for different ages. The green, blue and purple bars have their north poles directed outwards and the red, orange and yellow bars have their south poles directed outwards. The bars have…

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