• White Dominoes

    Fantastic value for money. Made from durable white plastic. Double six. Clear, easy-to-see markings. Presented in a sturdy plastic case.• Available with black or coloured spots• Set of 28

  • Coloured Dominoes

    • Wooden dominoes in six different colours • 28 pieces per pack • Pack of 6

  • Jumbo Soft Foam Dominoes

    This set of 28 soft foam dominoes is great for quiet primary maths activities. Large colourful dominoes can be used for both individual and group activities. Ages 5+.

  • Multiplication Dominoes

    Four sets of 'tables' dominoes in one box. Each set of 24 dominoes can be played as a separate game or the sets can be combined. The durable and washable dominoes are 40mm x 80mm and each set is contained in its own strong plastic tidy box.

  • Missing Number Dominoes

    • Features selected addition and subtraction equations• Set of 24

  • Up to 10p Dominoes

    These 32 large size, laminated dominoes on thick card illustrate the 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins. Up to 5 coins are illustrated on any one domino and their combined value has to be matched. The domino game can be played with up to 4 children or used as a matching activity for any child working…

  • Digital Clock Dominoes

    This set of 24 dominoes gives practice in reading and recognition of clock times. Clock times are expressed in both digital and analogue forms.

  • Decimal Values Dominoes

    A domino-type game to help players gain familiarity with decimal values and to give practice in the addition of simple fractions expressed to one or two decimal places. Made of strong moulded plastic, durable and washable.• Instructions included• Domino size: 40mm x 80mm• Set of 24

  • Subtraction from 100 Dominoes

    An extension set to 010358 Subtraction Dominoes, this set of 24 pieces has your students subtracting up to three digits. It introduces the maths language of subtraction: ’minus’, ’less than’ and ’take away’ as well as using the ‘-’ sign.

  • Giant Shape and Number Dominoes

    Made from very tactile plastic material, large pieces, suitable for small hands. Shape dominoes are perfect for teaching shape recognition, naming, sorting and properties of six different shapes. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 100mm x 50mm• 28-piece set

  • First Algebra Links Dominoes Set 1

    These dominoes introduce simple algebra problem-solving with an open square indicating a missing number. All four algebra rules are covered, and the dominoes are suitable for KS2 upwards.

  • Giant Dominoes - Numbers and Bugs

    …the skill of matching numerals with different groups of objects. Made from very tactile plastic material, in jumbo size, the chunky Number Bug Dominoes are perfect for young children, teaching them to recognise numerals and to count, order, estimate and add.• Size: 100mm(l) x 50mm(h) x…

  • Equation Dominoes

    A set of fully connecting plastic dominoes to give practice in solving simple equations and in introducing a letter to indicate an unknown value. Boxed with instructions for play.• Size: 40mm x 80mm• Set of 24 dominoes

  • Numbers and Bugs Dominoes

    This chunky pack of 28 number bug dominoes is perfect for teaching young children to recognise numerals, count, order, estimate and add. • 100mm(w) x 50mm(d) x 5mm(h)

  • Time Dominoes

    A fun twist on traditional dominoes! Reinforce important maths skills with this game for 2-4 players. Dominoes feature digital and analogue faces.• Set of 36• Instruction guide included

  • Garden Dominoes Set

    Giant dominoes offer hours of fun, ideal for both indoors and outdoors. This set comes complete with wooden storage box.

  • Foam Dot Dice

    Adds fun to game play and Maths activities. • Size: 40mm³• Pack of 2 (1 blue and 1 red)

  • Dot Dice

    • Available as pack of 10 or 100• Size: 16mm³

  • Giant Floor Dominoes Game

    This set of dominoes are printed and have a 100% polyester surface with an anti-slip rubber backing. These tactile dominoes show each dot pattern in a different colour, so younger players can distinguish numbers by colour matching. • Domino size: 210mm x 105mm• Pack of 28

  • Addition Dominoes

    Plastic dominoes featuring addition equations using numbers up to 20.

  • Large Plastic Dice

    Colourful, clear and easy to read, this extra large dice is ideal for use outside.• Made of synthetic rubber • Size: 110mm³• Colours may vary• Sold singly

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