• Tinsel Garland

    Four assorted tinsel star garlands, in a clear dispenser. Ideal for decorations, gift wrapping and craft activities.

  • Curvy Bug Dryer

    This fun mobile drying rack will fit well in any learning environment. • The 30 shelf rack is suitable to A3 size paper.

  • Rainbow Pom Pom Cards

    Reusable pom pom cards cut from a range of vibrant colours to add extra interest and appeal to this favourite craft activity.

  • Scratch Design Boards

    These multicolour boards with black coating have an easy-to-scratch surface. • Size: 1520mm(l) x 1270mm(w)• Pack of 100 boards

  • The Consortium PVA Adhesive

    Developed for younger children and specifically formulated to wash extremely easily from clothes, brushes, work areas and hair, even when dry. With excellent bonding properties and versatility of use, this PVA is ideal for your nursery or primary classroom.• Eco-friendly• Washable•…

  • Wooden Lollipop Sticks

    Useful construction material which can be painted or glued.

  • Value Colouring Pens

    Value for money water based fibre tip colouring pens.• Assorted colours

  • Foam Pieces

    Our 450 grams of foam is filled with big, easy-to-use, colourful pieces. Pieces are easy to glue and great for collage, mosaic and sorting activities. • Does not contain latex• 5 shapes• Assorted sizes, ranging from 1.25mm to over 50mm• 450 gram bag contains 4,475 pieces approx.

  • Shimmer Shower

    Thousands of colourful metallic pieces great for festive collage.• Size: 10mm x 15mm (approx.)• 100g bag

  • Glitter Bags

    • Suitable for use on cards, collage, display, etc.• Colours: gold, silver, red, green and blue• 40g bag of each• Pack of 5

  • The Consortium 220mm Felt Squares

    Ideal for a range of art and craft applications.

  • Assorted Colours Pipe Cleaners

    • Size: 150mm(l)• Pack of 100

  • Coloured Eye Stickers

    A selection of coloured eye stickers that can be used for a range of art and craft activities. Use on paper or card, wooden spoons, wooden craft sticks, pom poms, polystyrene spheres etc. to enhance your craft creations. Age: 3 years+.• Assorted designs• Roll of 2000

  • Black and White Wiggly Eyes

    The finishing touch to models and collage projects.• Non self-adhesive• Round black eyes• Size: 7mm, 10mm and 15mm dia.• Pack of 200 approx.

  • Bumper Pom Poms Pack

    This bumper pack of over 1,000 pom poms offers a wide variety of colours and sizes and is ideal for collage and craft activities.

  • Value Pack of Craft Stems

    Big value pack of soft 4mm(dia.) Chenille Stems.• Assorted colours; colours may vary• Size: 150mm(l)• Pack of 1000SN610692

  • Craft Sticks

    These craft sticks are a great craft activity - just decorate using paint, glitter, glue and sequins. Available in people and faces shapes.• Size: people 130mm(h) x 45mm(w), faces 155mm(h) x 75mm(w)• Pack of 10

  • Collage Craft Compendium

    A superb collection of collage materials in a handy Gratnells tray.• Pack contains: jewels, beads, coloured and plain matchsticks, coloured craft sticks, pom-poms 25mm dia., wiggly eyes 10mm dia., assorted corrugated shapes, assorted foam shapes, glitter, ribbons, polystyrene shapes, feathers…

  • Roman Masks Craft Pack

    This Roman masks kit is a fantastic learning support for history projects. • Contents: 30 light brown masks, assorted EVA foam sheets and shapes, bumpy chenille stems, assorted sequin mesh, coloured matchsticks and teacher's notes• Contents may vary slightly from image shown•…

  • Stretch Canvas

    Our rectangular canvases are available in four sizes, and are primed and stretched over a wooden frame ready for painting. The two larger sizes come complete with wedges to further stretch the frame if necessary. The largest size features a centre brace across the frame to increase rigidity. • 4…

  • Acrylic Gemstones

    A great value pack of acrylic gemstones.• 450g bag of assorted shapes, colours and sizesSN006415

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