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  • Coomber 41330 Stereo Headphones

    Lightweight, comfortable and sturdy design, with soft cushioned ear pads and adjustable head band providing a powerful but crystal-clear sound.• Rotating ear cups• Coiled lead• 6.3mm jack plug• Black• Sold singly

  • Coomber Tablet Listening Centre Package

    The Coomber iPad Learning Combo is ideally suited to enhance the educational use of tablets with a functional and compact shape, low weight, high sound and build quality. The internal rechargeable battery makes it ideal for use outside or in areas where there is no access to mains. Listen either…

  • Coomber 44372 CD Learning Combo

    …internal speakers• 8 headphone sockets (or use 6 sockets for headphones and 2 for headsets)• 3.5mm Aux in for connection to tablets and smartphones• Size: 250mm(w) x 210mm(d) x 350mm(h)• Sold as the unit singly, the unit with two teacher headsets, or the unit, two teacher headsets and six headphones

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