• Lightweight Cones Set

    Moulded plastic marker cones with aperture at peak for marker flags and poles. Cones can be pegged down if required.• Available in 2 heights• Available as single cones (red only) or as a pack of 4 assorted colours (red, green, blue and yellow)

  • Marker Saucers Set

    These excellent saucers come in a variety of colours with a handy carry device.• Size: 178mm(dia) • Assorted colours• Available as a pack of 50 or 100

  • Lightweight Cones

    Moulded plastic marker cones which can be easily pegged down if required.• Size: 220mm(h)• Colours may vary• Sold singly or as a pack of 4

  • Multi-Purpose Cones

    Multi-purpose floor cones have preset jump hole heights at four levels using just poles, or by using the ladder accessory. Flat hoops can also be attached to the top of the cone.• 16 holes on each cone• Size: 500mm(h) min - 800mm(h) max• Sold singly

  • Heavyweight Cones

    These cones are made from tough PVC with a sand-weighted base and a grooved top for canes and rods.• Size: 450mm(h)• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly

  • Sequencing Spots Set

    This pack of coloured hardwearing vinyl spots are ideal for positional instruction and movement control. Designed to remain in position when in contact with any polished surface.• Size: 240mm(dia)• Assorted colours• Pack of 6

  • No Waiting Cone

    Identify temporary parking restrictions and manage the movement and safety of pedestrians on your site.• Can be neatly and safely stacked to save space when not in use• Height: 500mm• Detachable base• Sold singly

  • Traffic Cones

    High visibility cone with white reflective sleeve. Complete with sand sock to weigh down.• Meets the 1975 Traffic Sign Regulations• Pack of 5

  • Court Marker Set

    Flexible vinyl lines and corners which have non-slip characteristics, particularly on polished surfaces. Great for marking out sports courts. Contains:• 20 x red lines (73mm x 3mm x 360mm) • 4 x yellow corners (73mm x 3mm x 280mm)

  • Alphabet Cones

    Red cones with clear yellow letters for easy viability. Can be used as a teaching aid or a variety of literacy based activity games.• Size: 230mm(h)

  • Throw Down Feet Set

    These vinyl feet and hands are a great coaching aid in terms of placement or teaching resource for setting out play routes.• Contrasting left and right feet and hands• Colours: red and blue• Pack of 10

  • Movement Activity Pack

    …age ranges. It can also be used to develop movement and set targets for throwing activities. Contains:• 12 x bean bags • 8 x 300mm cones• 3 x 500mm flat hoops • 2 x 600mm flat hoops• 4 x 300mm flat hoops • 4 x marking hands• 4 x marking feet• 4 x marking…

  • Recycled Cones

    Ideal for model making and craft projects. • Approx. size: 330mm(w) x 350mm(l) x 90mm(h)• Pack of 10

  • Paper Mache Cones

    An assortment of paper mache cones, ideal for creating festive decorations such as Christmas trees and Angels.

  • Number Cones

    These yellow cones have clear red numbers for easy visibility. Can be used as a teaching aid for a number of different number-based activity games. Suitable for outdoor use.• Contains numbers 0-9• Size: 230mm• Set of 10

  • Multi-Marker Cones Set

    Very popular, heavy-duty cones that are ideal for marking out a court or a training exercise.• Colours: red, blue, yellow and white• Complete with carrying rod• Pack of 40

  • Cones and Rods

    This cone and rod set makes a great addition to your obstacle course. Each set contains two cones, two supports and one pole. The cone supports allow the height of the pole to be adjusted from 100mm to 400mm.• Available as a single set or as a pack of 5 sets

  • Pine Cones

    • Size: 60mm-70mm• Pack of 6SN210195

  • Stained Glass Cones

    …effective, these stained glass cone trees will glow and shine on a window sill or a shelf. Fantastic festive activity for mixed ability groups and snapshot sessions. They look amazing when placed over a battery operated tea light.• Contains: 30 pre-cut cone shapes, glitter stars and…

  • Plastic Canes

    These brightly coloured plastic canes are virtually unbreakable in normal use. • 10mm diameter• Size: 1200mm(l)• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Pack of 12

  • Magnetic Polydron Sphera Class Set

    The Magnetic Polydron Sphera Class Set contains enough pieces for a classroom of children to share their ideas and inspire their classmates. Age: 5 years+.• Set of 72 includes: 16 spheres, 24 quadrants, 8 cones, 8 anti-quadrants, 4 squares, 4 right angles, 8 cylinders

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