• Metal Compass

    page866 • Fitted bow top and fixed steel point• Available in packs of 10 or 20

  • School Compass Offer

    This fantastic compass is great for orienteering activities with its large magnifying area and arrow with luminous point.

  • Geared Head Compass

    page866 The geared head means that this plastic compass can easily be used with pencils, pens or felt tips and has a large, easy grip.• Self-centering mechanism• Patented safety point• Supplied with 90mm pencil• Pack of 25

  • Islam Artefact Set

    …some great examples of items used in Muslim daily life.Contains:• Eid card• Flag of Pakistan/Saudia Arabia• Hajj robe• Prayer beads (Tasbih or Subah)• Prayer hat (topi)• Prayer mat• Qiblah (compass)• Qur'an (Arabic/English)• Wooden Qur'an stand (ra'el)

  • Junior Compass

    page866 A plastic compass designed for younger students that is strong, accurate and very easy to use.• Supplied with a 90mm black lead pencil• Pack of 10

  • Technical Compass

    page866 Quality metal compass, adjustable knees allow for precise, small diameter circles.• Compass length: 130mm• Maximum circle diameter: 230mm• 2mm replacement leads• Additional screw and nuts

  • Board Equipment Box Set

    page865 page997 A complete set of folding board equipment suitable for blackboard or whiteboard use.• Set includes 60° set square, metric/imperial rule, 45° set square and protractor combined and compass• Supplied in a sturdy carry/storage case

  • Magnetic Compass with Magnifier

    Magnetic compass with metric and imperial scales, large magnifying area and arrow with luminous point.

  • Compass

    page1050 Tough, plastic-cased compass marked with 4 compass points and full 360 degree scale around its edge.• Includes neck cord• Size: 45mm diameter• Pack of 10

  • Plotting Compasses

    These small plotting compasses can be used to plot lines of magnetic fields.

  • Half Size Compass Pencils

    page371 page866 These half size pencils have a natural, unpainted wood case and are ideal for use with compasses.• HB• Pack of 144

  • Compendium Set

    …geometry needs are taken care of with this superb classroom resource from Helix.• Contains 30 of each: angle measure, shatter resistant ruler, metal safety point compass, pencil, 60° set square, and 45° set square all housed in a sturdy Gratnells school tray complete with insert and lid

  • Junior Compass

    page866 A plastic compass designed for younger students that is strong, accurate and very easy to use.• Shortened safety point•Pack of 10 come with 90mm black lead pencil•Sold singly or pack of 10

  • Value Exam Kit

    page864 An exam-ready case of mathematical tools supplied ready for distribution or exam use in a transparent, exam-approved pencil case.• Contains: A compass, pencil, sharpener, eraser, 180° protractor and 30cm ruler

  • The Consortium Pencils

    page75 A great range of general use HB pencils without eraser tips.• HB pencils in blue polished cases• Available in boxes of 12, 144, 500 and in a Gratnells tray for the 1500

  • Magnetic Compass with Magnifier

    Magnetic compass, 46mm head, with 1:25,000 metric and 1:63,360 imperial scales, red and black arrow with luminous point.

  • Precision Drawing Compass Set

    Precision thumbwheel compass and technical compass.

  • Oxford Exam Set

    page864 This set comes in a clear PVC pencil case, ideal for exam use.• Contains: 2 black ballpoint pens, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener with an anti-tamper screw, and a combined protractor/set square

  • Cambridge Maths Set

    …which come neatly stored in a stylish metal tin.• Contains: 15cm ruler, 180° protractor, 45° and 60° set squares, dividers, self-centring compass with safety point, half size compass pencil, pencil sharpener with anti-tamper screw, and eraser• Contents may vary slightly

  • Collins Mapstart Books

    …7-11 years:• Extend understanding of mapping and spatial vocabulary• Extend use of map skills, including aerial photos, symbols, keys, compass directions, co-ordinates, index and scale• Identify features and places on maps, giving and following routes• Develop awareness of the…

  • Board Protractor

    page865 • 45cm (18”) long, with handle• Marked from 0 to 180° in single degree graduations

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