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  • Giotto Turbo Colouring Pens

    Long-lasting, super-resistant fibre pens in intense assorted colours. Age: 3 years+.• 2.8mm nib• Non toxic, water-based ink• Washable at 40°c• Use soap and water to remove from skin• Assorted colours

  • The Consortium Washable Whiteboard Markers

    washable, whiteboard marker pens which give excellent results on most boards. Ideal for classroom or office use.• Washable from skin and most washable fabrics and carpets• Erasable from a whiteboard with a damp cloth• 2mm bullet tip• Available in black or assorted colours•

  • Berol Colour Markers

    These markers are ideal for lettering, diagrams, broad colouring and drawing and will still work for at least 14 days if the cap is removed. The tip can be reversed to give the markers a longer life. • Washable ink• Assorted colours• Bullet Tip• Pack of 12

  • Crayola Washable Colouring Pens

    The unique conical nib allows for fine lines to be drawn as well as broad strokes for quick coverage. Age: 3 years+.• 12 assorted colours• Classpack of 144

  • Edding Colour Markers

    These fibre tip pens are ideal for extensive colouring and drawing on paper surfaces. Ergonomically shaped grip zone prevents fingers from slipping.• Water-based ink• Washable at 40°c• Assorted colours• 3 day cap off time• Bullet or chisel tip• Available in packs…

  • Berol Flipchart Markers

    …formula gives rich bright colours which will not bleed through paper and is suitable for most flipcharts.• Cap off life 2 weeks• Reversible nib to extend life of marker• Washable ink• Chisel tip, line width: 2mm-5mm• Pack of 8 assorted colours: 1 of each of black, blue,…

  • Giotto Decor Textile Markers

    …Giotto Decor Textile. These special markers will decorate any type of fabric. The colours are permanent and machine washable at 40°C.• Permanent ink, water-based, non-toxic and safe• Press with a warm iron to fix colour• Colours: 8 standard colours and 4 fluorescent• Pack of…

  • The Consortium Colour Brush Pens

    • Triangular ergonomic comfort grip• Washable ink with up to 14 days cap off time • Ventilated cap• Line width: up to 2mm brush tip

  • The Consortium Colour Fine Pens

    • Triangular ergonomic comfort grip• Washable ink with up to 14 days cap off time • Ventilated cap• Line width: 0.6mm

  • Berol Hand Huggers Colouring Pens

    …shaped markers designed to help children develop good drawing skills. These feature a broad fibre tip and are suitable for drawing, colouring and even writing. The ink is washable and can be removed from most fabrics. All the pens have black caps with barrels that match their ink colour for easy…

  • STABILO® Trio Colouring Pens

    Quality fibre pen with a push resistant fine tip; great for drawing and writing.• Triangular shaped grip provides a comfortable hold• Washable ink means it comes out of clothes easily• 12 bright, assorted colours• Presentation pack of 144

  • Berol Portrait Colouring Pens

    …for portraits, as they allow the children to select skin, eye, and hair colour to match their own. Will still work for at least 14 days if the cap is removed.• Washable ink• 14 day cap off time• Assorted colours: mahogany, peach, olive, cinnamon, almond, ebony, black, red, grey, pink,…

  • Value Toddler Colouring Pens

    Designed for infants these pens are super-washable and contain non-toxic ink. The dome shaped nib draws bold lines at any angle and it will not push in or pull out. For extra safety the end plug is welded. Age: 2 years+.• 3 day cap-off time• Pack of 10

  • Giotto Turbo Maxi Colouring Pens

    The water-based colours wash easily off skin with soap and warm water. Age: 3 years+.• Ventilated choke proof cap• Child proof stopper• Tight fitting 5mm nib• Washable at 40°c• Assorted colours

  • Super-Washable Fibre Tip Pens

    Super-washable fibre tip pens, with ventilated caps. Age: 3 years+.• 12 assorted colours

  • STABILO® Trio Scribbi Colouring Pens

    …learners that lets them play and colour for longer. Super washable, water based inks for a great clean up. • Almost indestructible thanks to its spring loaded thick tip• Triangular design helps children get a secure, ergonomic grip• Super washable ink, easy to move from both hands…

  • Berol Colourfine Pens

    Long lasting fibre tip pens, particularly suitable for detailed colouring work.• Washable ink• 14 day cap off time• Line width: 0.6mm

  • Berol Colourbroad Pens

    Long lasting fibre tipped pens, suitable for broad colouring, drawing and writing. The ink can be worked with a wet brush for subtle wash effects.• Washable ink• 14 day cap off time• Line width: 1.7mm

  • Colourworld Recycled Fibre Tip Pens

    These great colouring pens are made from 86% recycled European post-consumer waste. Age: 3 years+.• Manufactured in the EU with a low carbon footprint • 12 vibrant colours – light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, purple, pink, red, brown, orange, yellow, grey and black• Super-washable ink•…

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