Coloured Chalk

  • Value Chalk

    Available in a box of white and a box of assorted colours.

  • Jumbo Playground Chalk

    Large round sticks of chalk, great for drawing or colouring large areas. Use outdoors or indoors on rough paper, chalkboards, paper bags or playgrounds. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 25mm(dia.) x 100mm(l)

  • Giant Chalk Sticks

    Get creative with our new Giant Chalks – everyone will love having a scribble with these! It’s a great way to allow children to be expressive, but crucially with none of the mess indoors.• Colours: yellow, peach, green, blue, brown, purple and red• Size: 190mm x 50mm(dia.)• Pack of 7

  • Chubbi-Stumps

    • 40 x 14mm extra thick, hard to break crayons for 3 to 7 year olds• Non-toxic, stabilised wax that will not soften• Colours: Black, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Brown• 5 of each colour

  • Chunki Chalks

    Hard to break colour sticks for beginners. Age: 3 years+.

  • Conte Soft Chalk Pastels

    These bright rounded pastels are great for adding colour to your artwork.• Assorted colours• Pack of 10

  • Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk

    …with the sidewalk chalk in bright, bold Crayola crayon colours. The Anti-Roll shape keeps sticks handy without rolling away and produces fine lines or broad strokes that simply wash away with water.• Assorted Crayola crayon colours, including a diverse range of colours in classic red, yellow…

  • Giant Palm Crayons and Chalks

    These Palm Crayons and Chalks are fantastic for creating large scale patterns. The chalks are great for outdoor art as they can be used on paths and the playground.

  • Chalk and Crayon Classpack

    A money saving mixed pack of original chubbi stumps and chunki chalks.• Assorted colours• Pack of 288, 144 of each type

  • Egg Shape Fun Chalk

    …you need tools that are both easy to grasp and manipulate, and which are also versatile enough to be used in a variety of play contexts, both indoors and outdoors, so that every individuals interests and play preferences can be picked up on. Age: 3 years+.• Assorted colours • Pack of 6

  • Embossed Colour and Collage Baskets

    …children have amazing fun designing and creating with this pack of embossed card basket blanks. Use the rubbing technique with crayons, pastels, chalks and gel pens to make a unique product. Different effects are achieved with the positive and negative surfaces of the embossing. When decorated use…

  • Embossed Colour and Collage Frames

    …plenty of scope for creativity and design. Due to the raised and embossed surfaces they work superbly well with a variety of materials, pastels, chalks, wax crayons etc and each one gives a different effect depending on whether the positive or negative side of the card is used. These simple frames…

  • Lyra Rembrandt Art Specials Colouring Pencils

    This art set contains a selection of colour pencils from the Rembrandt Special pencil range. • Colours: red chalk pencils, sepia pencils, white chalk pencil, black chalk pencil, charcoal pencils, carbon pencil, graphite aquarelle pencil and titan graphite pencils• Tin of 12

  • Rangoli Activity Pack

    Create wonderfully colourful and decorative Rangoli patterns for Diwali with this ready to go activity pack. Decorate the printed designs with coloured sand, felt pens, chalks, glitter, pasta shapes etc.

  • The Consortium First Mark Crayons

    Smooth wax crayon with even laydown of colour with minimum flaking. Easy to hold and hard to break. • 12 bright colours

  • Berol Fabric Crayons

    Adding colour to fabric couldn't be easier with these soft and controllable fabric crayons. Simply draw and colour directly onto most fabrics with the crayons then iron on a low temperature to fix. Particularly suitable for the less experienced textile artist!• Assorted colours including gold…

  • My First Crayons Classpack

    Large diameter crayons. Suitable for young children or those with special needs.• 24 different colour chunky crayons • Box of 144

  • Value Jumbo Wax Crayons

    A great value pack of jumbo wax crayons in vibrant colours.• Assorted colours

  • Value Standard Wax Crayons

    A great value pack of wax crayons in vibrant colours. • Assorted colours

  • A4 Rainbow Embossed Card

    This pack of coloured embossed card has a minimum of 10 exciting designs ranging from stars and flowers to zig zags and dots. Use with crayons, pastels, chalks and gel pens to colour and create your very own designer product. Cut into masks, frames, creatures, gift tags and much more. Amazing…

  • Chublets Crayons

    This unique formula make these crayons an ideal first crayon. Non-melt and hard to break, they give a excellent depth of colour, low flake and are long lasting.• Pack of 12: 1 of each colour• Pack of 96: 8 of 12 colours• Pack of 200: 25 of 8 colours

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