Cloud Backing Paper

  • Fadeless® Designs Display Paper Stockroom Assortment

    …of stunning printed paper, available in two different handy stockroom assortments. • Pack 1 contains: one each of Winter Time, Tropical Beach, Desert Sand, Weathered Wood and two each of Autumn Landscape, Ocean, Landscape, Tropical Foliage, Framed at Last, Night Sky, Clouds, Tu-tone Brick, Rock…

  • Fadeless Display Paper Combo Stockroom Assortment

    A handy display paper assortment of the most popular colours and designs.• Contains: 2 rolls each plain colour (flame red, canary yellow, apple green, royal blue, black, violet), 2 rolls each design (clouds, night sky, under the sea, TuTone brick, tropical foliage, landscape) • Roll size:…

  • Design Bordette® Assortment

    …stars, spring flowers and winter fun• Pack 2 contains: clouds, school days, dots, pastel gingham, busy bees and cupcakes• Pack 3 contains: 2 rolls each of handprint, autumn leaves, crayons, stars, spring flowers, winter fun, clouds, school days, dots, pastel gingham, busy bees, cupcakes,…

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