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  • Blue Vinyl Powder Free Gloves

    Coloured to provide high visibility in food areas, dye will not migrate out of gloves.• Non-medical grade (CE marked for minimal risk)• Food safe - ideal for food preparation• Box of 100• Powder free

  • Vinyl Powder Free Sterile Gloves

    • Sterile• AQL 1.5• Class1 Sterile Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC (2007/47/EC) and European Standards EN455 parts 1, 2, 3 and 4• Powder free• Box of 100

  • The Consortium Blue Vinyl Powdered Gloves

    Coloured to provide high visibility in food areas, dye will not migrate out of gloves.

  • Catering First Aid Kit

    …all blue HSE catering kit designed specifically for use in busy kitchens. All the contents are blue and the kit comes complete with a bracket.• Kit contains: 2 x 180mm dressings, 6 x 120mm dressings, 20 x sterile adhesive plasters, 4 x triangular bandages, 1 x disposable gloves (pair), 2 x eye…

  • Oven Gloves

    Durable oven gloves with double sided pockets.• Size: 910mm(l) x 180mm(w)

  • Wear Gloves

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • Rubber Gloves

    • General use • Flock lined• Slip resistant pattern on palm offers good wet and dry grip• Rolled cuff for extra strength• Made from natural rubber latex• Conforms to 89/686/EEC PPE directive BS EN 420• Length: 300mm• Pack of 12 pairs

  • Premium Suregrip Rubber Gloves

    High quality rubber gloves offering excellent strength whilst maintaining dexterity and flexibility.• Flock lined• Yellow• Length: 310mm• Sold as a single pair

  • Latex Powdered Gloves

    Manufactured from natural rubber they offer superior strength and sensitivity compared to vinyl gloves and are resistant to most aqueous chemical solutions.• Contains natural rubber latex and low residual proteins to minimise risk of Type IV allergies• Non sterile • AQL 1.5• CE…

  • Marigold Suregrip Gloves

    Glove is resistant against water based chemicals, has a longer cuff for extra protection and pattern for excellent grip.• Flock lined• Yellow• Length: 320mm• Pack of 12 pairs

  • Sol-Vex Nitrile Gloves

    High-comfort, chemical and tear resistant glove for a range of applications, designed to deliver optimal results in wet or dry environments where harsh chemicals are present.• Cotton-flock lined• Antistatic according to BS EN 1149• Green • Length: 330mm • Pack of 12 pairs

  • Premium Chrome Rigger Gloves

    Rigger glove made from select leather.• Good resistance to abrasion and tear• Rubberised safety cuff with vein patch for extra protection• One size fits all• Supplied as a pair

  • Premium Nitrile Rubber Gloves

    Offers very good abrasion and puncture resistance, and protection against a wide range of chemicals including strong detergents, oils and certain solvents• Flock lined• Green• Length: 330mm• Sold as a single pair

  • Value Vinyl Powdered Gloves

    A great value, low cost alternative to Latex gloves.• Latex free• Non-sterile• AQL 1.5• BS EN455 Parts 1, 2 and 3• Lightly powdered• Box of 100

  • TENA Wet Wash Gloves

    The new TENA Wet Wash Glove enables a comfortable and convenient cleansing procedure for the individual. The glove is infused with a non-rinse cleansing lotion for a caring full body wash with significant advantages over washing routines with soap and water.• Mildly scented•…

  • Hot Gloves™

    A double layered cotton glove with nitrile grip coating.

  • Polysynthetic Clear Powder Free Gloves

    A blend of polythene and synthetic polymers, providing increased performance over PE gloves and an economical alternative to Vinyl gloves.• Manufactured from LDPE, LLDPE and Synthetic polymers• Reduced dust contamination• Food approval 1935/2004, European PPE Directive 89/686/EEC,…

  • Red PVC Knit Wrist Gloves

    Fully coated gloves for general handling and suitable for all weathers.• Soft and flexible finish• Good resistance to abrasion• PVC coating good for dry grip• Latex free• Hardwearing• Supplied as a pair• One size fits all

  • Matrix S Grip Handling Gloves

    Seamless polycotton shell with crinkle latex palm coating.• Flexible crinkle latex coating for good wet and dry grip• Seamless polycotton liner for comfort• Durable with good tear resistance• Elasticated knit wrist for a secure fit• Offers protection from abrasion, scratches…

  • Glove Box Dispensers

    Universal coated wire holder for most glove boxes.

  • Nitrile Synthetic Rubber Flock Lined Gloves

    …hardwearing gloves offer good abrasion and puncture resistance, as well protecting against a wide range of chemicals including strong detergents, oils and solvents.• Conforms to EN388• Chemically approved to EN374• Food Contact approved• Slip resistant pattern on palm of glove

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