• Recycled Card Vivid Colours

    • 5 bright colours: blue, red, yellow, green, orange

  • Flower Cards

    Mix and match the coloured and glitter flower shapes and stick them onto the card blanks to make flower cards for all occasions, Mother's Day, Easter, birthdays and other festivals. Complete with pre-cut message strips, instructions and ideas. • Assorted colours and flower shapes• Size:…

  • Greyboard

    Ideal for a range of art and craft applications and eco-friendly too as it has an FSC recycled content greater than 93%.• Size: 635mm x 760mm• Pack of 10 sheets

  • White Card

    Thin, highly flexible board with matt finish. Easy to fold and cut with a superb smooth surface. Ideal for a variety of applications including art, craft and printing. High quality, produced by a leading European manufacturer.

  • Corrugated Card

    Corrugated card ideal for larger projects.

  • Medium Thick Card - Mixed Bright Colours

    • 350 micron• Assorted colours: 10 sheets each of blue, red, green, orange and yellow• Pack of 50 sheets

  • Card Discs

    Cardboard circles with 4mm diameter central holes

  • Vivid and Pastel Lightweight Card Stacks

    These stacks contain a range of different size paper and card in vivid and pastel colours. These are boxed making it easier to dispense.

  • The Consortium Thin Art Card

    Fantastic value thin card, ideal for many art and craft activities including card making. • Assorted pack colours: bright orange, bright red, bright green, dusky pink, blue, green, yellow, sky blue, pink and gold• 230 micron

  • A4 White Card

    • White card suitable for a wide range of craft projects including collage and model making

  • White Card

    • Size: 520mm x 640mm• 50 sheet pack

  • Rothmill Card

    Bright, flexible board with a superb smooth surface. Ideal for mounting and card making.• Available in SRA2, A2 and A4• 280 micron

  • Black & White Card - Assorted Sizes & Thicknesses

    Pack contains:• SRA2 - 450mm x 640mm; 10 x 230 micron, 10 x 350 micron, 5 x 750 micron• A3 - 297mm x 420mm; 10 x 230 micron, 10 x 350 micron, 5 x 750 micron• A4 - 210mm x 297mm; 20 x 230 micron, 20 x 350 micron, 10 x 750 micron• Pack of 100 sheets in total

  • Value Assorted Bumper Box of Card

    These packs of non standard card provide fantastic value. Each pack contains a good mix of colours and card that is over 150gsm. The contents of each pack will vary in colour and card thickness. The picture shown is just for illustration purposes and the colour scheme may differ completely from the…

  • Heavyweight Thick Card

    • Strong, rigid board• Assorted pack colours: 10 sheets each of yellow, blue, green, buff and red

  • Pastel Thin Card

    • 230 micron• Assorted colours: celestial blue, pink, jade, cream vellum and sunlight yellow• Pack of 100 sheets, 20 of each colour

  • Cardboard Modelling Rolls

    These cardboard rolls are ideal for a range of craft projects.• 3 sizes: 30mm(dia.) x 100mm(l), 36mm(dia.) x 150mm(l) and 40mm(dia.) x 200mm(l)• Pack of 75

  • Cardboard Wheels

    Cardboard wheels ideal for lightweight constructions.• Available in 5 diameters• 4mm diameter hole • Pack of 100

  • A4 Coloured Heavyweight Copier Card

    Coloured heavyweight card guaranteed for copying, laser and inkjet printing. Available in a wide range of soft, mid and bold shades perfect for colour-coding your documents.• Range of 11 colours• A4, 210mm(w) x 297mm(l)• 160gsm• Pack of 250 sheets

  • Holographic Card

    A super assortment of holographic card in different colours. Ideal for card-making or adding a new dimension to craft projects.• 350 micron• Assorted colours• Size: A4• Pack of 10 sheets

  • Metallic Card

    Stunning metallic card which is a great resource for festive craft.• 330 micron• Colours: 10 each of gold, silver and bronze• Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm• Pack of 30 sheets

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