Bug Pots

  • Bug Pots

    Children will find these transparent bug pots a useful addition to their study of nature. The magnifying lids with measuring grid can be used to observe their findings.• Size: 50mm(w) x 40mm(h)• Pack of 10

  • Bug Viewer Pot

    Fantastic bug viewer with 2x magnification in the lid and 4x magnification on the flip down lens. Age: 3 years+.• Grid patterned base• Size: 70mm diameter• Sold singly

  • Bug Hunters Collection Pots

    Designed for the safe and easy collection of insects by drawing air through the extractor tube, gently sucking the insect into the chamber.• Large interchangeable chambers• Flexible collection tube• Safety ferrule on air extractor tube• Size: 60mm(h) x 50mm(dia.)• Pack of 5

  • Bug Pot Set with Magnifying Lids

    Transparent pots with magnifying lids and 5mm² measuring grids, contained in a large clear tray - ideal for observing childrens' findings.

  • Creature Peeper Pot with Magnifier

    This child and bug friendly viewer is easy to use, and allows children to study their creatures up close from above and below. The watertight viewing chamber will even keep small tadpoles safe during inspection. Stable and durable magnifier base won’t tip over. Age: 4 years+.• Height: 150mm…

  • Life Cycles Science Kit

    …Guide to dispersal of fruits and seeds• Frog lifecycle poster• Petri dishes• Magnifying glasses• Measuring cylinder• Plastic cups• Lollipop sticks• Bug collection pots• Pipettes• Model insects• Seeds and beans• Trowel• Teachers' guide

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