Bubble Tube

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  • Bubble Tube

    A bubble tube that is budget in price but not in quality. This striking circular bubble column water feature with colour changing LED lights makes it a great addition to any sensory environment. Sit back and relax while watching the bubbles continuously rise from the base, illuminated by an…

  • Large Budget Bubble Tube

    bubble tube. This striking circular bubble column features colour changing LED lights. With a larger square base for added stability. Children will be amazed by the high column of bubbles continuously rising from the base, illuminated by an enchanting array of colours. This extra large bubble tube

  • Portable Bubble Tube

    This bubble tube is an ideal size for moving from room to room. The bubbles create a wonderful relaxing effect which automatically phases through a variety of colours.

  • Bubble Tube Plinths

    …up close. • Size: corner plinth, 1000mm(w) x 1000mm(l) x 450mm(h)• Size: square plinth, 1000mm(w) x 1000mm(l) x 300mm(h)• Bubble tube not included• Hole diameter: 150mm• Suitable for both our standard and interactive bubble tubes• Not suitable for a portable bubble tube

  • Standard Bubble Tube

    The Standard Bubble Tube provides a gentle colour change through the column of effervescent water. Touch the tube and feel the vibrations of the bubbles.

  • The Consortium Sensory In A Flightcase

    …from sensory input regardless of their location.Contents:• Portable bubble tube and bag• Sensory In a Box flight case• Jigsaw softies• Magic power ball• Space blanket - set of 3• Ooze tubes – yellow and red• Multi-liquid motion• Jump bean motion – yellow…

  • Interactive Bubble Tube with 5 Way Switch

    This interactive bubble tube comes with a 5 way switch which allows control of colour and bubbles. Starts in an automatic sequencing mode which can be speeded up or slowed down. Press any one of the coloured buttons to override this and make the bubble tube turn red, yellow, green or blue. The white…

  • Colourful Bubble Tube Fish

    page525 These fish float to the top of your bubble tube in the stream of bubbles and then gently sink to the bottom. Visually captivating and ideal for tracking. A great accessory for your bubble tube.• Set of 12

  • Bubble Tube Sensory In A Box

    …Visual: Jigsaw softies, Magic power ball, Space blanket - set of 3, Ooze tube yellow, Ooze tube red, Multi-liquid motion, Jump bean motion yellow, Jump bean motion green, 1 I/A Battery bubble tube + 4 way switch, Battery bubble tube bag• Tactile: Band buggy, Matching textures bag, Finger colour…

  • Sensory Soft Play Den

    The sensory soft play den has soft padded walls and roof. It is fitted internally with acrylic mirrors and equipped with an interior plinth supporting a portable bubble tube, 1m fibre optic sideglow and LED technology. Age: birth+.

  • Sensory Centre

    …effects and the black carpet platform is tactile and warm to the touchContents:• Bubble tube - 650mm(h)• Fibre optic sideglow and lightsource - 1000mm(l)• UV light - 300mm(w)• Set of linelite tubing, magic rods and coloured shapes• Mirror height: 600mm• Size: 1000mm(w)…

  • Black Out Sensory Den

    …dark even in daylight, creating the perfect space for multi-sensory play and learning. Children can explore UV, glow in the dark, torches, bubble tubes, fibre optics and much more in the dark environment. The den comes with a window which can also be opened to let in some light or convert the…

  • Jellyfish Tank

    page525 The Jellyfish Tank is an ideal stress reliever and classroom resource. The tank comprises of 7 beautiful jellyfish that are so realistic they fascinate with their movements. The tank has a specifically timed water jet system that let jellyfish twist and turn in a realistic way. The colours…

  • Sensory Liquid Set

    …A complete collection of Sensory Liquid and Bubble sets. Age: 3 years+.Set contains:• Sensory liquid set of 3• Sensory bubble set of 4• Spiral tube set of 3• Sensory jump bean set of 4• Sensory dual colour liquid set of 3 • Large sensory bubble set of 4• Set of 21

  • UV Fun Tub

    …3 x UV rattle tubes• 2 x UV twist tubes• 4 x UV magic rods• 1 x UV spinner mobile • 1 x UV mittens • 3 x UV capes• 1 x balloon ball • 1 x jingle trainer ball • 1 x UV pinpression • 1 x UV bubbles• 1 x UV linelite tubing selection•…

  • UV Sensory Bag

    …environment.Contents (may vary):• 1 x pump bag• 6 x bangles• 1 x UV velvet slime ball• 5 x groan tubes• 1 x sticky notes• 2 x touchable bubbles• 1 x UV neon noodle ball• 1 x portable UV light• 2 x juggling sticks• 3 x juggle rings• 3 x neon…

  • Projector Sensory In A Box Kit

    …neatly into the flight and sensory case provided.Contents:• Visual: Jigsaw softies, Magic power ball, Space blanket set of 3,Ooze tube yellow, Ooze tube red, Multi-liquid motion, Jump bean motion yellow, Jump bean motion green, Projection brolley• Tactile: Band buggy, Matching textures…

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