Block Printing Ink

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  • Premium Block Lino Printing Ink

    The premium block printing ink has been formulated using high quality specialist raw materials to give enhanced tack and transfer to superior printability and performance. The ink drying speed has also been optimised to give a good balance of on tray working time and drying time at typical ambient…

  • Inking Tray

    page404 Sturdy plastic inking tray.• Ideal for use with rollers or block printing. • Approximate inner size: 225mm x 175mm

  • Block Printing Water Colours

    page404 A highly pigmented opaque watercolour for use with woodcut blocks, lino and quickprint. All colours are intermixable and lightfast.• Pack of 6 x 300ml: Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green

  • Block Printing Ink

    page404 • Water based ink, 300ml tubes

  • Metallic and Fluorescent Block Printing Ink

    page404 These water based inks are perfect for a range of printing techniques, ensuring maximum working time whilst still maintaining excellent transfer properties. The ink works well on all grades of paper and leaves a smooth, even finish. Available in metallic and fluorescent finish.• 300ml x…

  • Linotex Paint

    Specially formulated fabric printing medium ideal for printing onto fabrics. Can also be used for block printing and need thinning with water for screen printing. Colours are fixed by ironing for approximately 2 minutes.

  • System 3 Water-Based Acrylic Printing Medium with System 3 Acrylic

    System 3 Acrylic printing medium is specially formulated for use with System 3 acrylic colours to produce a highly economical, low-odour water-based screen printing ink. The medium retards the drying of acrylic colour on the screen and reduces the risk of screen blocking, making it easier to wash…

  • Primary Curriculum Print Pack

    page404 Ideal starter pack for junior printing activities.• Contains: 10 x Inking Rollers• 5 x Inking Trays• 100 x A4 Safeprint Sheets• 5 x Block Printing Ink Tubes (Black, White, Brilliant Yellow, Brilliant Red, Blue) and Teacher’s notes

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