Block People

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  • Block People Complete Set

    page640 page683 Introduce children to the multicultural block play people family. The high quality vinyl figures feature up to date styling and authentic details. The play people are free standing with extra large feet for frustration free play. Age: 3+ years.• Guaranteed for 10 years•…

  • Block People Dolls with Disabilities

    …of your block play community by introducing these figures with differing abilities. Made from tough vinyl, the dolls represent a variety of ages, ethnicities and genders, all with realistic details and adaptive equipment, from a leg brace to a hearing aid. Age: 3 years+.• Block people come with…

  • Mobilo Family Set

    These Mobilo figures can be easily integrated into the structures assembled from mobilo building blocks. The mobilo structures will come alive stimulating role playing. They can also be used as finger puppets. Age: 3 years+.

  • 3D Magnetic Blocks Super Class Pack

    …parts can also be used to make a complete sphere or cylinder, a great way to teach the properties of 3D shapes in a fun way. Age: 3 years+.• Cube block measures 5cm³• Contains: 20 cubes, 12 triangles, 8 wheels, 8 sphere parts, 8 cylinder parts, 12 people and illustrated work cards• Set of 68 pieces

  • Percussion Unusual Sounds Pack

    page1103 This pack contains enough instruments for 10 people.Contains:• Clatterpillar• Ocean drum• Kazoos• Thunder shaker• Maracas• Frog block• Beaded Afuche de Coco• Double Agogo bells• Kokoriko

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