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  • RABO® 2 Wheeled Bike

    This bike will become the children's first experience towards riding a traditional bicycle. The bike has broad tyres to make it easier to maintain balance or ride on uneven surfaces. Age: 3-7 years.• Size: 450mm(w) x 780mm(l)• Height at front: 600mm• Seat height: 340mm• 5 year…

  • RABO® Runner Bikes

    …feet to maintain balance and to push the cycle forward. It stimulates gross motors skills as well as the understanding of speed. The transition from a runner bike to a pedal bike is made easy and fun.• Mini size: 630mm(l) x 420mm(w) x 300mm(h)• Standard size: 790mm(l) x 450mm(w) x 360mm(h)

  • Rabo® Zippl Runner Bikes

    The RABO® Zippl line is renowned for the futuristic and alternative approach to design. Features include no pinch points, low noise tyres made of polyurethane (PU) rubber leaving no marks on surfaces, ball bearings in every wheel providing a smooth spin and easy to build. • Small size: 360mm(w)…

  • Push Bike for Two

    Push-bike with passenger seat. Double front wheel increases security for children with difficulty in balancing. Age: 12 months+.

  • Circleline BikeRunner™

    The BikeRunner™ is the perfect choice when teaching children to develop their sense of balance. The bike doesn't have pedals and is pushed forward using their feet. Age: 3 years+.

  • Circleline Push Bike

    Two rear wheels and no pedals make the push bike very stable and easy for children to maintain their balance while moving. A good start before riding a tricycle or bicycle. Age: 2 years+.

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