• Hand Bell Set

    bells can be played conventionally or by tapping the top like desk bells. The add-on chromatic set consists of five sharps/flats for the standard octave, forming a different pentatonic scale. Combine it with the Diatonic set to create a full chromatic octave of 12 notes.• 8-note diatonic bell

  • World Hand Bell

    Festive sounding sleigh bells with 5 bells and easy grip handle.

  • Rhythm Pals Mini Orchestra

    …Orchestra set has been designed so each instrument is easy to hold. Age: 6 months+. Set includes 4 instruments:• Mybell, 8 bright and bouncy bells to produce a cheerful jingle• Tambaring, 2 pairs of bright shiny jingles produce a light ringing sound• Rock 'n' Roll, rainbow coloured…

  • Wrist Bells

    These festive sounding sleigh bells are easy to wear with a webbed band and hook and loop fastening.• Size: 165mm(w) x 126mm(d) x 50mm(h)• Colours may vary• Pack of 2

  • Jingle Bells

    Delightful bells with a comfortable easy grip. Age: 2 years+.• Size: 125mm(l)• Assorted colours• Pack of 2

  • Desk Bells

    These 8-note, C-C diatonic desk bells with a mouse design are ideal for young children, just tap the top to play. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 90mm(d) x 80mm(h)• Set of 8

  • Baby's First Birthday Band

    A perfect first music set. Age: 12 months+.Set includes:• Mini wave drum• Baby maraca• Bell shaker• Clip clap • Rainbow shaker• Music CD

  • Assorted Coloured Jingle Bells

    Assorted colour jingle bells, perfect for sticking onto felt or fabric.• Pack of 75

  • Jingle Bells

    Ideal for decorations, gifts, crafts and costumes. Age: 3 years+.• Gold and silver in assorted sizes• Pack of 72

  • Chime Bar Set in Case C64-C76

    Colourful chime bar set supplied in a see-through carry case.• 8 notes: C64-C76• Painted steel bars on tough plastic resonators• Includes pair of beaters and carry case• Size: 310mm(w) x 200mm(d) x 50mm(h)

  • Mirror Chimeabout

    The mirror chimeabout is a carousel of mirrors and bells which rotate and jingle when touched. An ideal resource for children with special needs as well as a great visual aid. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 240mm(h) x 200mm(dia) base

  • 25 Note Glockenspiel

    This glockenspiel produces good quality sound over a range of two chromatic octaves.• Tuned G5-G7• Includes carry case and beaters• Size: 440mm(w) x 240mm(d) x 40mm(h)

  • Music Set 1

    A superb selection of early childhood, high quality, musical toys. Age: 3 years+.

  • Music Set 2

    This unique set of complementary instruments creates a wealth of sound and colour and are designed to lead children from the first discovery of noise and sounds into the world of creative music. Age: 3 years+.

  • Music Box with Glockenspiel

    A great value music set for small hands. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• Glockenspiel• Tambourine• Maracas• Finger cymbals• Sleigh bell stick• Castanets• Set of 6 pieces

  • Music Sensory Tub

    This set of 24 musical instruments can be used, not only for exploring the sounds they make, but also for their feel. The items are made from different materials; wood, plastic, metal, fabric, etc. A fantastic set to be used with individuals or within a group. Age: 3 years+.

  • KS1 28 Player Percussion Set

    …bar beaters • Tambourines• Woodblock and beater • Finger castanets • Handled castanets • Stick handbell• Cluster bells • Triangles • Agogo and beater• Maracas • Jingle stick • Sleighbells • Two-tone block and beater • Storage chest

  • Answer Buzzers

    These fun, colourful buzzers turn any activity into a game while keeping even the youngest children engaged! Each buzzer has a unique sound for easy differentiation - honking horn, boxing bell, doorbell and boing. Age: 3 years+.

  • Jingle Bells

    Ideal for decorations, gifts, crafts and costumes.• Gold and silver in assorted sizes• Pack of 72

  • Assorted Coloured Jingle Bells

    Assorted colour jingle bells, perfect for sticking onto felt or fabric.• Pack of 75

  • Christmas Sponge Painting Set

    …decorations – simply sponge the shape onto card, allow to dry then cut out, decorate with collage materials then thread onto cord and hang on the tree.• Ideal for use with ready mixed paint• Easily washable• Shapes: Angel, Christmas Tree, Snowman, Bell and Santa Claus• Pack of 5

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