Ball Of String

  • Cotton String

    page64 page128 Cotton string balls.• 250g ball• Sold singly

  • Festive Compendium

    …Pack of 54 wooden Christmas decorations with golden string• Set of 6 washable Christmas stencils• Set of 4 Christmas foam shapes• Set of 6 double-sided Christmas paint stampers• 10mm x 50mm polystyrene balls• 35 x Polystyrene Christmas Shapes (5 x 7 different shapes)

  • String Toss Racket Set

    Plastic rackets with loosely strung heads so that the ball can be 'netted' as well as tossed. Great for developing children's co-ordination skills. Contains:• 2 x string toss rackets• 1 x ball

  • Dark Den Accessory Kit

    …bouncing light up ball. The lamps and light up accessories create a magical den space. Age: 3 years+.Contents:• Fibre optic lamp• Mini plasma ball• Light up glitter lamp• Light up ball baton• Light spinner• Textured light up ball• 4 x light up fingers• 2 x light up rubber ducks• Draw string bag

  • Wooden Collection for Treasure Basket

    page511 page511 A selection of heuristic play objects with draw string bag and guidance notes.• 2 x balls (50mm, 60mm), 1 x hemisphere (40mm), 1 x disc (60mm), 2 x wheels (40mm, 50mm), 1 x figure (103mm), 2 x cubes (40mm, 50mm), 2 x egg cups (63mm, 70mm) 1 x napkin (47mm), 1 x spool, 2 x bowls…

  • Magnetism Science Kit

    …Drawing pins• Fasteners• String• Giant horseshoe magnet• Small horseshoe magnets• Mini horseshoe magnets• Bar magnets• Ferrite magnets• Magnetic marbles• Rulers• Tongs• Nails and needles• Ball bearings• Compasses• Wooden…

  • Macro Sound Kit

    …away and examining what materials sound can travel through. Contains:• Cardboard tubes• Plastic funnels• Tuning forks• Elastic bands• Paper clips• Drawing pins• Wire• String• Tape measure• Plastic tubing• Wooden balls• Teachers' guide

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