Art Paper

  • The Consortium Bright Sugar Paper

    page326 An excellent value for money pack in bright, vivid colours.• 100% recycled• 100gsm• Assorted colours: red, gold, lime green, orange, plum, emerald green, cerise red, yellow, blue and brown002553 002554

  • The Consortium Cartridge Paper

    page342 The Consortium Cartridge Paper is ideal for use with pencil, coloured pencils, calligraphy, technical pens, charcoal, pastels and oil pastels.

  • The Consortium Black Sugar Paper

    page327 Great value choice of A4 and A2 sugar paper.• Colour: Black• Pack of 250 sheets

  • Mounting Paper Assorted Colours

    page316 • Brightly coloured mounting paper • 80gsm • Standard A sizes plus surrounding border • Pack of 100 sheets

  • Gummed Paper Square Assortment

    page338 • Colours: red, orange, yellow, white, pink, purple, blue, indigo, light green and dark green• Size: 50mm, 100mm and 150mm(dia.)• Pack of 300

  • Value Assortment Crepe Paper

    page339 Quality crepe paper ideal for many craft uses including Easter and spring crafts and paper sculptures.• Contains: 3 folds of red, 2 folds of purple, white, dark blue, dark green, black, brown, yellow, orange, pink, light blue and light green• Size per fold: 500mm(w) x 3m(l)•…

  • eQuality High Grade Tissue Paper

    This high grade, high quality tissue paper is fully bleed resistant and is available in a range of eye-catching colours, in either bulk packs or single rolls.

  • Recycled Cartridge Paper

    page342 Good quality cartridge paper with a creamy tone. An ideal choice if you are trying to use more recycled product.• 130gsm

  • Mounting Paper

    page316 Ideal for display as this does not fade as rapidly as sugar paper.• 80gsm• Standard A4 size plus surrounding border • Pack of 100 sheets

  • DI-Stix Crayons

    Dual purpose fabric crayons. They can be used directly onto fabric or the design can be drawn onto paper first. The benefit of this is that any mistakes can be just thrown away and started again. Also teaches reverse writing. The crayons in the pack do not truly reflect the finished colours as the…

  • Little Brian Paint Sticks

    …solid paint sticks that twist up and down just like a glue stick. Use these super slick paints to glide vivid colours directly onto surfaces like, paper, card, canvas and wood. You will also be amazed at the results on glass and plastics like acetate. No need for brushes or water. Just uncap and…

  • Aristo Cartridge Paper

    page342 Market leading drawing cartridge suitable for pencil, coloured pencils, calligraphy, technical pens, charcoal, pastels, air brush and oil pastels. The white sheets are uncoated with high opacity providing an excellent all round paper which is very robust.

  • Value Sugar Paper Remnant Packs

    These packs of non standard sugar paper provide fantastic value. Each pack contains a good mix of colours and papers up to 150gsm. The contents of each pack will vary in colour and paper thickness.

  • White Cartridge Paper Roll

    This inexpensive large format, bright white drawing paper is perfect for smaller groups and nurseries.

  • Value Bulk Pack of Paper and Card

    …bright mounts in 10 assorted colours (120gsm)• 200 sheets of A4+ pastels mounts in 10 assorted colours (120gsm)• 100 sheets of A2 activity paper in 10 assorted colours (80gsm)• 20 sheets of SRA2 vivid card in 10 assorted colours (210gsm)• 6 sheets of SRA2 foil card in 6 assorted…

  • Jumbo Paper Houses

    page319 Fantastic for investigating and discussing "Where I Live", my house, buildings or projects on 'myself'. • Assorted colours• Size: 155mm x 105mm• Pack of 100

  • Creative Paper Pack

    page323 This pack of creative papers and card are perfect for mounting artwork or can be used for modelling, origami and montage.• Contents may differ from those shown• Size: A4+• Pack of 100 sheets, 10 of each design

  • Spectra® Art Tissue™ Paper Assortment

    page337 Large pack size for great value! The vibrant colours of this tissue paper motivate artists of all ages and is ideal for craft projects, stained glass, collages and more.• Cool and warm colours: French blue, national blue, azure blue, teal, purple, plum, emerald green, spring green, mint…

  • Assorted Paper Shapes

    page320 A bumper pack of birds, butterflies, flowers and heart shapes to use and decorate.• Assorted shapes and colours• Size: 20mm to 100mm dia.• Pack of 500

  • Assorted Colour Card Pack

    page329 page332 A fantastic pack of coloured, fluorescent and metallic card in different sizes and thicknesses.• 230 and 380 micron• Size: From SRA2 - 640mm x 450mm to A4 - 210mm x 297mm with metallics in A3 and A4• Pack of 104 sheets

  • White Sugar Paper Stack

    page326 A great assortment of lightweight white drawing paper in 3 different sizes.• Sizes: 500 x A2 sheets, 750 x A3 sheets and 1500 x A4 sheets• Pack of 2750 sheets in total

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