• Value Animal Play Sets

    These value for money play sets are ideal to stimulate and engage children. Available in 5 different habitats, these sets will allow children to explore using their imagination and connect with their environments. Packaged in a handy clear plastic tub which can also be used for sorting and counting.…

  • Jumbo Jungle Animals

    Set includes lion, tiger, gorilla, elephant and giraffe. Age: 2 years+.• Packed in a sturdy storage box with carrying handle• Largest animal (giraffe) measures 200mm(l) x 375mm(h)• Set of 5 animals

  • Jumbo Farm Animals

    Set includes horse, pig, cow, goat, sheep, rooster and goose. Age: 2 years+.• Packed in a sturdy storage box with carrying handle• Largest animal (horse) measures 250mm(l) x 187mm(h)• Set of 7 animals

  • The Consortium Value Animal Play Sets Big Deal

    Buy all five animal play sets for the price of four and save 11.49! Packaged in handy clear plastic tubs which can also be used for sorting and counting. Age 3 years+. Set includes: Marine creatures, farm set, wild animals set, dinosaur set and wetland creatures

  • Safari Tissue Assortment

    A superb assortment of printed tissue, perfect for animal projects.

  • Wildlife Animals Set

    These animals are good quality, beautifully designed, modelled and hand painted. The set includes tiger, panther, hyena, African elephant, Indian elephant, giraffe, brown bear, grizzly bear, polar bear, camel, bison, antelope, moose and crocodile.

  • Jumbo Dinosaurs

    Explore dinosaurs hands-on with these detailed models. The set includes tyrannosaurus rex, brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops and raptor and all are made of durable plastic. Age: 2 years+.• Set of 5• Largest dinosaur (brachiosaurus) measures 250mm(l) x 240mm(h)

  • Animal Fur Fabric Pack

    Eight different fake animal furs to make exciting dressing up clothes and accessories. Ideal for needlecraft, collage and craft work.• Size: 250mm x 1500mm• Pack of 8

  • Animal Project Pack

    Go wild with this superb resource. All you need to make some fun animals.Pack contains:• Fadeless® Safari print sheets, wiggly eyes, animal pom-poms, feathers, craft sticks, shredded Art Kraft®, super value construction paper, tissue paper and felt• Colours and contents may vary

  • Tactile Sensory Bag

    …balls• 4 x wriggly centipedes • 1 x squidgie ball• 2 x spider balls• 2 x tangle fuzzy• 1 x Japanese spa sisal sponge• 1 x chines loofah• 1 x knitted sisal sponge • 2 x massage rollers• 1 x tactile animal• 1 x mine ball• 1 x UV stubby ball

  • Natural Wooden Animals

    These traditional sets of of natural wood animals are hand crafted and made from sustainable rubber wood. Age: 10 months+.

  • Wild Animal Masks

    These masks are ready to be decorated with paint, crayons, pencils and adhesives.• Animals: tiger, lion, panda, leopard and elephant• Pack of 5

  • Jumbo Endangered Animals

    …adorable animals. Set provides learning opportunities regarding endangered animals, habitats and the environment as well as role play fun! Includes animals that are on the Endangered Animal List; albatross, cheetah, panda, rhinoceros and manatee along with an activity guide offering animal facts and…

  • Animal Habitats Game

    …woodland, polar and desert) and a habitat bingo game on the reverse. Teachers’ notes are also included.Sara Fox KS1 & KS2 TeacherIncludes:• 4 double-sided A4 playing boards • Teachers notes featuring detailed facts about all the animals such as animal type, diet, life expectancy and species.

  • We're Sailing To Galapagos Sensory Tale

    …around the Galapagos Islands. Exotic creatures are featured on every page and educational endnotes enhance the story with information about the animals, the islands and Charles Darwin. A great multi-sensory resource enabling children with disabilities or learning difficulties to join in. Age: 3…

  • Nature Attire Paper

    These colourful papers are a great discussion prompt for a whole host of topics. One side features a picture of a well-known animal, while the reverse shows a close up of the fur/feathers/skin of the animal.

  • Hue Animation Studio

    Catalogue error: Clay is not included with the Hue Animation Studio. Apologies for the inconvenience. Hue Animation Studio contains everything that you need to create stop motion animation videos. The fully-featured animation software has been specifically designed for ease of use and will suit all…

  • Animal Hand Puppets

    Children can enjoy creating puppet performances, telling stories and playing with these animal character puppets. Age: 4 years+.• Set of 4 includes: horse, fox, bear and raccoon• Size: 280mm(h)

  • Touch and Feel Animal Boards

    These boards have a wonderful tactile and sensory quality that children adore. The animal fur designs add further fascination and when children “stroke” them they have been seen to have a calming/soothing effect. Especially good for children with special needs.

  • Animal X-Rays

    …about each featured animal and the differences between mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and birds with these real X-rays. Printed on clear, heavy duty plastic they are perfect for use on light tables. The idea guide contains many interesting facts about each animal such as habitat, distinctive…

  • Jumbo Zoo Animals

    …sized zoo animals encourage imaginative play among little explorers! This set of five includes one each of a polar bear, zebra, hippo, monkey and penguin. The jumbo size of these pretend zoo animals make them perfect for small hands. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 5• Largest animal (hippo)…

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