Anglo Saxon

  • Anglo-Saxons Poster

    This Anglo-Saxons poster includes a map of Anglo-Saxon Britain and an overview of the events and developments that occurred in Britain between 600AD and 1000AD.

  • Anglo Saxons Pack

    …display pack. Packed full of amazing posters, fact sheets, work sheets, teachers notes and "ready to go" activities to help you discover the Anglo Saxons. The battles of the clans and warrior kings and how their many kingdoms were created, who they were, how they lived, King Alfred, Canute, their…

  • Anglo-Saxons Snap

    page1055 This game has been developed to help children to understand our history as a coherent, chronological narrative from the earliest times, discovering how people's lives have shaped our nation. Children can learn about the Anglo-Saxon way of life including buildings, place names, jewellery and…

  • Invaders: The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

    page1056 This book looks at a range of issues relating to the Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions, focusing on who the invaders actually were and the results of these people living and settling together, in terms of language, towns and Christianity.• Full colour

  • The Invaders Photocopiable Book

    page1056 A brilliant resource that will inspire teachers to teach history with confidence. "Invaders" contains everything you need, including photocopiable resources, comprehensive background information and detailed lesson plans.Contains:• People on the Move• The Roman Invasions• The…

  • Vikings Poster

    page1055 This Vikings poster includes a map showing the journey of the Vikings and information about Viking settlements, their beliefs and artefacts.• Size: 1000mm(w) x 700mm(h)• Includes teachers' guide

  • Vikings Snap

    page1055 This game has been developed to help with the study of how British society was shaped by the movement and settlement of different peoples and the struggle for the Kingdom of England during the period leading up to the Norman Conquest. It will provide a great resource during an in-depth…

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