Analogue Clocks

  • Silver Cased 12 Hour Analogue Clocks

    Simple and attractive, silver colour, plastic-cased clock. Available as a standard quartz or radio controlled movement.• Size: 300mm diameter• Wall mountable• Supplied with 1 x AA battery

  • 24 Hour Analogue Clock

    White plastic cased wall clock with shatterproof lens and 24 hour marking. Quartz movement with second hand, black and red numerals on a white background.• Size: 215mm diameter• Wall mountable• Supplied with 1 x AA battery

  • 12 Hour Analogue Clocks

    White plastic cased wall clock with shatterproof lens and 12 hour marking. Quartz movement with second hand, black numerals on a white background. • Available in four different diameters• Wall mountable• Supplied with 1 x AA battery

  • Clock Mechanism

    Quartz analogue clock mechanism.

  • Digital / Analogue Individual Clocks

    Made from durable and washable 0.5mm plastic with plastic hands. The analogue face and hands can be set to show any time and the equivalent digital time can then be written in the appropriate space with a 'write-on, wipe-off' water-based marker.• Overall size: 120mm x 115mm• Pack of 10

  • Classroom Clock

    …the time. The 'Past & To' clock enables pupils to tell the time in 'minutes past' and 'minutes to' the hour, with a silent sweeping second hand showing that the time is constant and not stop start. The '12hr/24hr' design helps children to learn to read the analogue clock in terms of 12 and 24 hours.…

  • Write On/Wipe Off Clock Boards

    Students can display their answers during time-telling activities at a moment's notice! Each double-sided board features a digital clock face on one side and a colour-coded analogue clock face on the other. Age: 6 years+.

  • Classroom Clock Kit

    This great value classroom kit is the perfect introduction to the concept of analogue time. All clocks are geared and feature colour-coded hour and minute hands for easy differentiation. Ideal for whole class time-telling activities.

  • Digital Clock Dominoes

    This set of 24 dominoes gives practice in reading and recognition of clock times. Clock times are expressed in both digital and analogue forms. • 12 hour clock• Size: 40mm x 80mm

  • Teaching Clock

    The only teaching clock of its kind, our 2nd edition Teaching Clock takes a logical step-wise approach to teaching analogue time. Side one focuses on the minute hand and has a verse printed on the clock to help pupils remember the rules for 'minutes past' and 'minutes to'. Once side one has been…

  • Primary Time Teacher™ 24 Hour Learning Clock®

    clock will engage young children as they develop an understanding of time. Colour coded with blue minutes and minute hand and red hours and hour hand, this demonstration clock is geared so that the hands move in accurate increments. This teaching clock will develop an understanding of analogue time…

  • Time Dominoes

    A fun twist on traditional dominoes! Reinforce important maths skills with this game for 2-4 players. Dominoes feature digital and analogue faces.

  • About Time - Telling Time & Understanding Elapsed Time

    …support children in grasping telling the time and developing their understanding of time concepts. Unique time circle pieces work alongside the analogue clock and included time number line to enable children to learn skills from visualising intervals of time to understanding elapsed time and problem…

  • Tick Tock Game

    By taking turns to place a tile, which must be a different format clock and with a time of no more than 5 hours ahead of the previous tile, Tick Tock is perfect for helping children to count in both hours and minutes and helping them to tell the time on analogue and digital 12 and 24 hour clocks.

  • What's The Time Game

    Introduces children to time related concepts. A clock with movable hands is featured to help children to learn to tell analogue time. Age: 4 years+.

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