Acetate Sheets

  • Coloured Film

    …and bent making it ideal for craft and construction projects. It is also great for exploring different colours, especially when used with a light box.• Not suitable for photocopiers, laser copiers or inkjet printers• Assorted colours• Size: A4 - 297mm x 210mm• Pack of 5 sheets

  • PVC Painting Sheets

    These PVC painting sheets are suitable for use with glass paints and can be used whole or are easily cut to give a variety of shapes and sizes.• Pack of 10

  • A4 PVC Painting Sheets

    • Pack of 10

  • Cellophane Paper Sheets

    • Colours: 8 sheets each of blue, green, orange, silver, red and yellow• Size: A4 - 297mm x 210mm• Pack of 48 sheets

  • The Consortium Polypropylene Covering Material Self-Adhesive

    …of books, maps, posters, charts, diagrams etc. Complete with grid squares for easy measurement and cutting, they are available in five roll widths in 25m lengths• Self adhesive 25m roll, available in 5 width sizes• 50 micron thickness• Backing sheet colours may vary• Sold Singly

  • Glascol Glass Paint

    Specially designed for use on glass, metal, foil, clear plastics and acetate sheets. The Artform paint (code 006145) can be used for the `Lead Effect' outline. Colours are lightfast and fully inter-mixable and can be diluted with water.

  • Light and Colour Grab and Go Kit

    …Contents may vary.• 1x Colour changeable torch• 1x Set colour mixers• 1x Polyester scarves• 1x Colour spinner• 1x Convex/concave mirror pack• 1x Set Squidgy Sparkle colours• 6x Wooden viewers• 4x Sets pom poms• Coloured acetate sheets• Pack of 55

  • Blue Print Fabric

    …onto your fabric, these may include leaves, flowers, lace, acetate drawings, positive, negative films etc• Expose to sunlight for 10-20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly to remove unexposed areas• Includes instructions and ideas leaflet• Size: 150mm x 150mm • Pack of 30 sheets

  • Cellophane Sheets

    • Colours: 8 sheets each of blue, green, orange, silver, red and yellow• Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm• Pack of 48 sheets

  • Tissue Paper Tower

    Assorted, coloured tissue paper circles and squares in an attractive acetate pack.

  • Dusting for Fingerprints Class Kit

    …of fingerprints and distinguishing characteristics, as well as dusting for fingerprints. Detect, lift, record and examine impressions to solve a crime!Contains:• Fingerprinting powder • Ink pad• Fingerprinting brushes• Magnifying glasses• Acetate sheets• Teachers' guide

  • Money & Finance Kit

    …includes; Credit, Debit and Store Cards, Paying-in Slips, Cheques, Statements, Coins and Notes. Many of the components are provided in re-useable acetate sheet format for photocopying and overhead projection. The notes are made of synthetic paper so that they are non-tear, very flat and wipeable.

  • Construction Paper School Stack

    …2400 sheets of quality construction paper.This pack contains:• 300 sheets in black and white• 250 sheets in yellow, red, green and blue• 200 sheets in sky blue• 150 sheets in orange and violet• 100 sheets in brown, pink and magenta (all colours packed in 50 sheet film…

  • Creative Display Pack

    A super decorative classroom pack containing a host of teachers' favourites.Pack contains:• 30 x 2m folds of crepe in 10 colours• 6 rolls of cellophane • 10 crepe streamers• 50 sheets of tissue paper

  • Tissue Metallised Assortment

    A pack of assorted super shiny, metallised film. Coloured on both sides. • 3 sheets each of gold, silver, red and green. • Sheet size: 457mm x 762mm• Pack of 12 sheets

  • Fadeless® Stockroom Assortment - Extra Wide

    Excellent extra wide, film-wrapped paper rolls for bulletin boards, backgrounds, murals or any art project where large sheets are needed.• Colours: 3 each of canary, flame red, black, orange, pink, apple green, azure and violet• Supplied in a sturdy storage box• Size: 1218mm(w) x…

  • eQuality Book Covering Material

    High quality, transparent, polypropylene, self-adhesive film. Complete with grid squares for easy measurement and cutting. Self adhesive 25m roll available in 2 width sizes.• 90 micron heavyweight thickness• Backing sheet colours may vary• Sold in 25m rolls

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