30cm Helix Ruler

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  • Flexible 30cm Rulers

    A flexible rule that bends any which way!• Marked in mm and cm• Pack contains assorted colours, red, purple, yellow and green• Pack of 10

  • Metal Safety Ruler

    • Length: 30cm• Marked mm, cm and inches• Centre recess to protect fingers for cutting work• Non-slip rubber strip for precision work• Supplied singly

  • Early Learning 30cm Rulers

    • White extruded plastic rule • Designed specifically for young children• Coloured and divided into 1cm and 10cm blocks for simplicity • Pack of 10

  • Clear 30cm Folding Rulers

    • Snap fit hinge for compact storage• Perfect for storing in a pencil case• Marked in mm, cm and inches• Plastic• Pack of 10

  • Blue 30cm Finger Grip Rulers

    Plastic rulers with a raised handle in the middle of the ruler for ease of use.• Marked in cm and inches• Pack of 10

  • Matrix Maths Set

    Helix Maths Set featuring a stylish oval case with pearlescent indigo blue base.• Contains: self-centring geared head metal compass with safety point, 30cm folding ruler, eraser, one-hole plastic sharpener featuring anti-tamper screw, 2 set squares, protractor, 17.5cm and half size compass…

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