2 Colour Counters

  • 2 Colour Counters

    A staple for every classroom! These double-sided plastic counters are 2 colour making them ideal for number bonds and patterns as well as standard counting and estimating.

  • Plastic Counters

    A collection of colours for sorting and counting.• Available in 2 sizes

  • Small Salad Bar Trolleys

    Children love the bright colours and novelty fruit on the side of this trolley and adults love the durability and practicality of this best selling salad bar.

  • Numicon Starter Apparatus Kit

    Kit contains:• 2 x Box of 80 Numicon Shapes• 4 x Spinners• 1 x 0-100 Numeral Cards• 2 x 0-100cm scale Number Line• 1 x Magnetic Strip• 3 x 1-100cm Number Rod Track• 2 x Coloured Counters Pack of 200• 3 x 10 Numicon Ten Shapes• 1 x Number Rods - Large Set• 2 x Baseboard Laminate Pack of 3• 3 x Card…

  • Numicon Starter Apparatus Pack C

    …ages 9 to 10.Pack Contains: 2 x Box of 80 Numicon Shapes, 4 x Spinners, 1 x 0-100 Numeral Cards, 2 x 0-100cm scale Number Line, 1 x Magnetic Strip, 3 x 1-100cm Number Rod Track, 2 x Coloured Counters Pack of 200, 3 x10 Numicon Ten Shapes, 1 x Number Rods - Large Set, 2 x Baseboard Laminate Pack of…

  • Numicon Starter Apparatus Pack B

    …to 9.Pack Contains: 2 x Box of 80 Numicon Shapes, 1 x 80 Coloured Pegs, 2 x Feely Bag, 4 x 10s Number Line, 3 x Card 1-100 Number Track, 1 x 0-100 Numeral Cards, 2 x 0-100cm scale Number Line,1 x Magnetic Strip, 3 x 1-100cm Number Rod Track, 2 x Coloured Counters Pack of 200, 2 x Baseboard Laminate…

  • Place Value Fishing

    …thousands are green. Counters and work cards have roman numerals on one side and arabic numbers on the reverse. Suitable for up to 2 players. Age: 3 years+.• Supplied with a teachers’ instruction guide• 2 magnetic fishing rods 28 cm long • 72 colour coded counters, 2 single sided A3…

  • Hide-n-Go Fish™

    …to sequencing and patterning. Activities develop a variety of key skills including tactile awareness, sensory skills and sequencing. Age: 2 years+.Includes:• 9 coloured fish counters in 3 sizes • Colours: orange, green, purple• Fish bowl size: 150mm(h) x 170mm(w) • Largest fish size: 55mm(l)

  • Trilemma Maths Game

    …factors, multiples and square numbers, etc. non-sequentially in this game of chance and skill. The first player to place three counters in a row on the board wins the game. Age: 7 years+.• Includes a number board, 40 coloured counters and 60 multi-level question cards• 2 to 4 players

  • Super Sorting Pie

    This fruity pie teaches key early numeracy skills as children sort the fruit counters. Place the sorting cards into the pie base to provide visual clues. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• 60 counters in 5 colours and 7 fruit types• Removable divider• Three double sided sorting cards•…

  • Counting Dino Sorters

    …supports a variety of early maths skills such as colour recognition, matching, sorting and counting within young learners. Age 3 years+. • Set includes: 10 x two-piece, plastic dinosaur eggs numbered 1-10, 55 x Back in Time Dinosaur counters and a multilingual activity guide• Eggs…

  • Mini Motor Math Activity Set

    Colour die develops colour recognition as players choose the correct colour car to move. Two number dice are used to calculate the number of spaces a player moves. Two pieces of track are numbered 1-10 and 11-20 for two levels of play.Set includes:• Five soft rubber mini motor car counters in…

  • Spanish Language Resource Pack

    …designed specifically to help children learn Spanish. Age: 2 years+.• Days of the week laminated poster (297mm x 420mm)• Colours lotto, includes 6 laminated lotto cards, 10 laminated image cards and 36 giant counters• Months cue cards set, includes 12 laminated cue cards, each…

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