Sweet Shop Science

24 Feb 2016

Blowing up Balloons: Exploring C...

Blowing up a balloon with effervescent vitamin tablets or popping candy is a fantastic, visual and fun way to introduce the concept of chemical and physical reactions, and irreversible changes to children. These substances release a gas ( carbon dioxide ) when they are placed in water. The carbon dioxide cannot […]

19 Feb 2016

Sweetie House: A Sugary STEM Act...

A house made from sweets is an inviting, hands-on, irresistible learning experience for children (both EYFS and KS1), and a great STEM activity for starting to think about scientific investigation skills, planning, working as a team and engaging in an iterative process of designing and making.. The children need to […]

17 Feb 2016

Sweet Shop Science: Chocolate De...

Coloured sugar-coated chocolates are great for exploring changes in water density. As well as being fun and tasty, they can be used to understand many naturally occurring phenomena, including the ocean currents. This experiment can be performed by a wide range of age and ability groups, with the science behind […]