17 Mar 2016

Measuring Shadows: Telling Time ...

  Did you know that the Romans used the position of the sun and the length of shadows to estimate the time of day? This fun investigation is a good way for children to learn about Romans, light, shadows and the movement of the earth in relation to the sun. It […]

16 Feb 2016

Persuasive Writing: Roman Villa ...

Studying the Romans in Britain gives some terrific opportunities for persuasive writing. In this fun activity for KS2, the children write an estate agent’s listing for a Roman villa. What would persuade a wealthy Roman to buy their villa? To complete this activity you will need Internet resources showing the […]

22 Jan 2016

Make Your Own Roman Coil Pots

Making Roman coil pots is a fun art and craft activity for KS2 children which can help to bring to life a Romans topic. The hand building of pots using coils of clay is one of the earliest methods of constructing pottery and was used by Romans and a number of other ancient […]

20 Jul 2015

Investigating Roman Numerals

These fun activities to investigate Roman numerals cover both maths and history for key stage 2 children. The National Curriculum requires children to be taught about the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain and also in year 5 to be able to read Roman numerals to 100 and understand how […]

03 Jul 2015

Powerful Words for Roman Soldier...

Roman armies were ruthless, disciplined and feared by all. They not only played an important role in the ancient world, but are also the basis for most modern armies today. The way that they were trained and organised made them a formidable force. Writing a diary of a Roman soldier is a […]

10 May 2015

How to Make Clay Roman Coins

Roman coins feature symbols and iconography which represented beliefs and significant events during the Roman Empire. Coins were not just used by Romans as currency but also as a way of telling a story. These stories can be useful in helping us discover more about how they lived. Making Roman […]

10 May 2015

How to Make Quick and Easy Catap...

These quick and easy catapults are great fun to make and play with but are also a fantastic learning opportunity. They can be linked to a range of other subjects including science, history and maths. To make a catapult you will need: Elastic bands Wooden lollypop sticks A plastic bottle […]