21 Apr 2016

Citizen Science for Schools: 5 W...

Citizen science is a great way for children to get inspired by getting involved in providing data for real scientific projects giving some great benefits to both the children and the organisations involved. The benefits for children can be far reaching and include spending more time outdoors, a better understanding […]

17 Feb 2016

Sweet Shop Science: Chocolate De...

Coloured sugar-coated chocolates are great for exploring changes in water density. As well as being fun and tasty, they can be used to understand many naturally occurring phenomena, including the ocean currents. This experiment can be performed by a wide range of age and ability groups, with the science behind […]

13 Jan 2016

Burns Night: Robert Burns Poetry

  Bring the poetry of Robert Burns to life in your classroom The understanding of different dialects in the spoken and written word can help children to develop a social and cultural awareness. Interrogation of different texts can help inform children’s understanding of the written word and the meaning behind […]

22 Sep 2015

Q & A with Jennifer Hyde of Bath...

We recently caught up with Jennifer Hyde of the Bath Rugby Foundation to find out a bit more about how Rugby is benefiting children on the sports field and beyond with the Consortium funded ‘Stickability’ literacy programme. What is the Bath Rugby Foundation? The Foundation enhances the lives of young people […]

10 Sep 2015

Developing a Growth Mindset on t...

Recently there has been lots of talk about how developing a growth mindset can help children to fulfil their full potential. A growth mindset is not only useful for learning in the classroom though. It can also be useful as an approach when coaching sport, helping to develop an attitude […]

07 Sep 2015

Tag Rugby: Engaging Girls in Spo...

Women’s Rugby England’s goal is to get 25,000, women & girls playing contact Rugby by 2017. The strategy focuses on grassroots playing, and a coaching and volunteering pathway to encourage younger and secondary school aged girls to be inspired to take up the sport. Local clubs and communities throughout the […]

02 Jun 2015

How to Make a Barometer

This activity shows you how to make an aneroid barometer which uses air to measure atmospheric pressure. Generally, high air pressure is an indication of good weather while low air pressure is an indicator of bad weather, so a barometer is a useful tool for predicting changes in weather.   […]